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Monday Watercooler

Good Weekend??

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Wasn't too bad.

by Jim_P In reply to Monday Watercooler

Didn't do much apart from watch some of the Macgyver Season 1 series that I bought the DVD set a week ago, then painted my stock car in preparation for the upcoming racing season.
Managed to wash and wax my own car too. :)

Kind Regards,

Edited: Typo.

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by Ben "Iron" Damper In reply to Monday Watercooler

Mine was good. Spent too much money as usual but it was all good. Scored some new music equipment for cheap on EBay as well.

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Walking in 100 degree heat

by Tig2 In reply to Monday Watercooler

Both days. ICK!

Next weekend, the same, only longer. Hopefully not as hot.

I will be glad to have weekends back again- I can do 5 miles in the morning and still have time to do things that I want/need to do.

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Should have started

by jdclyde In reply to Walking in 100 degree hea ...

about 3am before the sun could come out and roast your buns!

Heat advisories everywhere! NO strenuous activites!

My lawn will wait for the heat to break. ;\

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Heat advisories didn't check my training schedule

by Tig2 In reply to Should have started

And I am running out of time before the event- no breaks.

Actually a good thing- the walk will go on regardless of the heat index. It was good to have the opportunity to train for extreme heat. Don't want to have to manage to it on the event, mind you.

We aren't allowed to hit the trail until first release at 6:00 a.m. so walking at 3:00 a.m. was a no-no too. We HAVE gotten out at 6:00 a couple of times.

Poor lawn. So neglected! :)

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by WingedMonkey In reply to Monday Watercooler

I was oncall from Friday afternoon to Monday morning. I can never really settle down and enjoy myself while waiting for the pager to go off. Most calls I can handle remotely, but when my connection is down or its something critical like Fetal Monitors, I have to be able to drive in. That means limiting my activities to hanging around the house and no enjoyment of frosty cool alcoholic beverages.
But come next weekend,, time to party!!!

Oh I did get in 14 hours on World of Warcraft Monday. I can't even bend or type with my right pointer finger today.

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Sunday was mixed

by neilb@uk In reply to Monday Watercooler

Working Saturday. Mmmmmmm, overtime.

Went down to the coast for a spot of boating. My mate Ian and and I have a small - 6.5m - speedboat moored in Brighton Marina. So there was me and Ian, his wife and kids, glorious sunshine, lifejackets on, gassed up and out we go into 5ft-6ft waves turn round and straight back in again.

Spent the afternoon lying around in the Marina, watching everyone else go out and straight back, drinking beer, fishing and getting sunburnt. Went for a Chinese meal, ?112 for three adults and two kids! Pigs, the lot of us...

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oink oink

by jdclyde In reply to Sunday was mixed

I haven't had a Chinese meal since yesterday.... (Monday)

I guess the time before that would have been....Sunday? Yeah, that was it.

Mondays was better because I was on the road so work picks up the check!

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always tastes better...

by vanessaj In reply to oink oink

when it's free.

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You're missing the whole point of the watercooler

by DMambo In reply to Monday Watercooler

The watercooler isn't for mundane "Did ya have a nice weekend?" questions. It's an opportunity to start something totally off the wall and MISCELLANEOUS.

Something like: "Did you ever get stuck between two really hefty people on an airplane and have them both start eating something stinky even before the plane takes off? With current security regulations, what method is best for killing these folks?"

Now THAT's a watercooler starter!

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