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Monday YUK { sorry, this deserves it }

By Jaqui ·
Now, a lot of people have heard me comment on the hot babe that lives just down the hall from me. ]:)

for those that haven't:

Her boy-toy came storming into the building on saturday night, really pissed off. Seems that She was making out with another girl in public.


What would you do if your girlfriend was making out in public with another girl?

Desert's boy-toy is ready to break up with her for it.

All their friends were watching and loving the action. ]:)

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Is this a trick question?

by deepsand In reply to Monday YUK { sorry, this ...

Assuming that the other girl's not a turn-off, suggest a 3-way.

If your girl agrees, all's well that ends well. If she demures, politely but firmly point out to her that's she being hypocritical.

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That was

by Jaqui In reply to Is this a trick question?

what I said to Dessert, when I saw her later. ]:)

it's her boyfriend who couldn't handle the situation and is upset.

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I guess it would depend how the relationship was being mutually defined....

by sleepin'dawg In reply to That was

Was exclusivity one of the premises for the relationship or was it supposedly an open one. Was the boyfriend's masculinity feeling threatened??? It seems they are having a problem, one which I've never personally encountered but then when I've been in relationships it was always with exclusivity in mind. The idea of **** or hetrosexuality is not something I've ever had to confront in any relationship, I've just always assumed my partners were hetro. Who knows; I could have been wrong.

Dawg ]:)

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Maybe he is worried

by jdclyde In reply to I guess it would depend h ...

that all his friends will tease him for turning her lez?

My problem of bringing the third girl in would be what if at some time she wants to bring in a dude?

Sounds time to define the rules and decide if you can play by them.

Of course Jaqui, since you so rudely neglected to include a pic of the third babe, it is hard to make an educated decision! ]:)

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Well, if 3's okay with the 1st guy, then on principle alone, ..

by deepsand In reply to Maybe he is worried

he's got no grounds for complaint if the 2nd girl wants to make it a foursome.

Still, I concur that we need pics in order to better assess the situation.

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principles for groups sex?

by jdclyde In reply to Well, if 3's okay with th ...

I didn't know there were rules you had to follow besides two girls and one guy is cool, and for each dude thrown into the mix at least two more hot chicks HAVE to be added! ]:)

The do say ALL is fair in love and war..... ;\

now, about the pics.......

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Yes, dammit, the pics.

by deepsand In reply to principles for groups sex ...

Inquiring minds want to know & see.

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by Jaqui In reply to principles for groups sex ...

of the second one?
I have yet to see her myself.

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Well Jaqui My Lad

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to principles for groups sex ...

This calls for some serious Stalking on your part to provide the pictures.

Now desert your Keyboard and get on with it! :0

You can always claim that you are doing research if your questioned by the wrong person.

Col ]:)

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Betrayal has no orientation.

by TonytheTiger In reply to I guess it would depend h ...

I have a friend whose wife left him for a woman. He was every bit as devastated as I was when my wife left.

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