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More Rain

By Bob in Calgary ·
we are just getting over the flooding from the last storm (0ver 350 mm in 3 days) and now another storm is on the way They are forecasting up to 100-150 mm over the next 24 hours. Welcome to sunny alberta. Oh well only four weeks to Stampede time.. Let the drinking Begin.

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by gene.fellner In reply to More Rain

Who says the rain forests are all in the tropics?

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Rain Forests

by BFilmFan In reply to

Obviously someone that had never been to Oregon, Washington or British Columbia!

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all the seasons in one short hour

by gadgetgirl In reply to More Rain

that's what we got over here last month. Started cloudy, brightened up, then blazing sunshine. Started for home wearing shades. Half way home ran into thunderstorm. 10 miles later got hailstoned, then the sleet started (changed specs!) 4 miles further on, blue sky. Then blazing sunshine again. Corresponding changes in temperature (heater on and off like a yo-yo) as I went through it all.

And you lot wonder why us lot in the UK are pre-occupied by the weather?!

It's cos we never know what we're gonna get.

Keep swimming Bob - preferably in booze!

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by Bob in Calgary In reply to all the seasons in one sh ...

I moved from England to Calgary in the eighties. The weather here is just as unpredictable.

In winter we can go from -20c to +25c and back again in a couple of hours. A couple of years ago we woke up to 5 inches of snow in the middle of august, but this rain is just stupid, The ground is totally saturated so we will get major flooding again.

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gimme some of your rain!

by gadgetgirl In reply to Yup


Had an extra hot, supersizzled weekend. Average temp in England was 30 degrees C.

And I hate heat. I think I turned into a grease spot on the floor yesterday lunchtime, but nobody told me.

Send me some rain. I don't care if I'm the only one in the UK who can't take the heat, just send me a nice little black rain cloud to hover over my head, and keep me nicely cool.

(I'm spending a blinkin' fortune on MagiCool, too!)

Good weekend, Bob?

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OK it's on it's way

by Bob in Calgary In reply to gimme some of your rain!

It might take a while to get to you but i've sent it over.

Friday night was brutal, The flooding and damage had to be seen to be beleived,They didn't evac one of the campgrounds in time and a few trailers were washed away, the people had to be evaced by helicopter, at one point the sheep river rose 9 feet in two hours. My kids were helping sand bag the businesses in town til 3 am while I helped ferry sandbags around. In the end we got cut off from where i live and had to stay with a friend. fortunately there is no rain in the forecast for the next while but temps are going up to 28C this week so I'm sure we will have some pretty big thunder storms boil up, as long as the tornadoes don't come then it will be good.

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Well. You got what you asked for!

by neilb@uk In reply to gimme some of your rain!

North Yorkshire washed away! 59mm in just over one hour!

London was nice and dry, though bloody hot and sticky!

Don't wish so hard next time...

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It wasn't just there.....

by gadgetgirl In reply to Well. You got what you as ...

We got downpoured on here, too.....for once, people came out of the pubs to help rescue an elderly couple trapped in a car!

Porch roof leaked, guttering at back of house couldn't cope so washed bits of yarden away, was still swilling water out of porch at 10pm!

But still prefer that to melting so much!


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it rained here too yesterday

by jck In reply to Well. You got what you as ...

about 4-6cm, I think...really light for Florida.

We've had occassions (tropical storms) that we get 15-20inches (about 38-51cm) in an hour. Just that the wind blows it around. But afterward, you'll have rivers here 11 feet above floodstage once the water collects and flows

Of course, 2/3 of the state sits 50 feet above sea level or less.

Oh well...mother nature loves us or we wouldn't be here. Anyone for a beer? :)

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yes, please!

by gadgetgirl In reply to it rained here too yester ...

I've have that beer!

Prefer Grolsch tho. But beer will do....

Oh. eck.

Wrong discussion. Again!

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