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    More to the fallout, then Microsoft XBox 360


    by swgoldwire2546 ·

    A little piece of thread about something, and the whole place was set ablaze!

    I want to start off the discussion with the newest species from Microsoft: the XBox 360.

    First of all, I really do not feel like starting out new threads or respond to other people’s discussions to the point of participation as I was still recovering from my tantrum fallout 17-18 November, 2005.

    I just made one simple threaded comment about mankind in general getting carried away by his/her runaway imaginations regarding space aliens, intergalactic wars, Santa Claus, etc. And SOMEBODY took offence to my comments, taking every syllable of my words out of context (I won’t mention names guilty or otherwise). Thouroughly annoyed to the point of crying, I shot back, acting out my temper tantrums in the TechRepublic! Now you understand why I have difficulty dealing with people making fun of me, berating me (like my mother) over my idiosyncratic behaviour by assuming stuff they have no knowledge of whatsoever when this is otherwise. It is that frustrating.

    Alright ENOUGH about me and my mental circumstances of autism and ADHD! Now why do you ask I say that? Sure enough, everything in the world, including the TechRepublic forums, does not revolved around me. In fact, NOTHING in the world is soooo about me. Jehovah God in heaven did not want me to be selfish to some extent, especially when it comes to my temper tantrums. He never wanted me to think that kind of way! God wanted me to self-sufficient without isolation, that I may help others to be self-sufficient without isolation. Here is the point of me NOT bragging about my problems.

    My mental circumstances of autism and ADHD are undiagnosed, but they are real–I have these things all my life, and they are the cause of my depression. But why should you care about my problems?

    I am not asking for any sympathy from anyone in this regard, because there seems to be a lack of understanding of the issues I have been going through. And since there will be people who do not know and would rather not care about what is going on with me, I have no reason to talk about it. Why should EVERYONE care when they really do not know me or understand what I have to go through?!?

    So, I would NOT rather talk about my problems and instead talk about that Microsoft XBox 360!!

    The XBox 360 is something new that Microsoft has to offer, and the gaming community went into a frenzy when the XBox 360 hit retailers’ shelves. Once people got their hands on the console, some just could not wait to play their favourite games.

    The recent photographs in the TechRepublic show the XBox 360 deluxe (for $400.00, sans one copper cent; $300.00 minus copper cent for the core console) divested from its retail package and taken apart. I did not know that the specie is a simple proprietary computer console with Serial ATA DVD drive, a custom ATI vidio graphics processor and CPU under heat sinks, three USB 2 ports, an RJ-45 ethernet port and external 20 gigabyte Serial ATA hard disk drive! The motherboard of the XBox 360 is proprietary from Microsoft–Microsoft wants to make certain that it makes the proprietary components for future XBox series.

    The XBox 360 makes a great DVD player when not playing any games, although there are DVD players out in the market for one third to one seventh of the XBox 360’s price.

    So, what is the deal with the XBox 360 frenzy? What is your take on the game console offered by Microsoft? Holler back with your comments on your experiences with the new XBox 360.


    -Sherika Worrell Goldwire

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      It didn’t take off in Japan or Hong Kong

      by nz_justice ·

      In reply to More to the fallout, then Microsoft XBox 360

      The xbox 360 just sucks, I might get it in two years or three or four or never.

      I too have noticed the people are just a bit to sensitve here in the TR.

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