Mother F'ing Vista

By martinimit ·
I've read the posts, and I am both a PC and MAC user. I am typing from my MAC because I just uploaded a Service Pack for 3D Studio Max on my PC. After restarting my PC, it won't recognize my password.

I don't even know where to go to change my password. Now, according to your forums, and because of all the f'ing theft in the world, someone like me is screwed.

My response is simple F PC. I get WHY people don't want to give the info, but guess what - there are people like me that need PC for job applications and now I have to waste countless hours F"ING AROUND BECAUSE PCS SUCK.

Trust me, if I could do what I'm doing on a Mac, I would... and that day is right around the corner.

Thanks for nothing.

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Is that how to get attention?

by w2ktechman In reply to Mother F'ing Vista

I agree, Vista sucks
I agree, many of us would like to help, but we cannot.

If you need it that bad, call MS, or take it to a shop. If it is really needed, the $60 should not be a big problem to fix it.

However, cussing at us isnt going o help at all, and it makes you look like a bigger idiot. You look like you have been looking around a bit, so you know why we cannot answer

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you can reset the standard users and administators password

by CG IT In reply to Is that how to get attent ...

BUT it will cost your $200.00 USD. Windows Key Professional will reset the standard users & administrators account password on Windows Vista. I've used it and it works like a charm.[have the enterprise edition].

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I havent tried that one.

by w2ktechman In reply to you can reset the standar ...

what I have is an ageing copy of erd commander, but I doubt that it works in vista.

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it works.

by CG IT In reply to I havent tried that one.

this one works with Vista. It's worth the $$ if you have AD servers and the admin password is lost. It's far cheaper to reset the admin password that rebuild from scratch. For consumers, it's pricey as they probably will use it only one time. More likely they will choose the $45.00 copy but that doesn't work with servers.

The program will show you the administrators account name and user account names as well if that is forgotten. The only drawback is services that rely upon the administrators credentials to run. Those services will have to have the password changed.

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He may have forgotten to put Microsoft on the end of his comment.

by Gone Fishing In reply to Is that how to get attent ...

?Thanks for nothing.?

He is angry and it looks like he has read some of the discussions on TR about how to deal with people who ask for help with passwords.

That?s how it looks to me.

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Just what ARE you doing on a MAC?

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Mother F'ing Vista

Apart from the salubrious joke that I just noticed, you seem to be condemning the PC system without showing any evidence of what it 'is incapable of'.

That seems to me, to just be a case of 'sour grapes'.

If you have a legitimate complaint about the PCs abilities - at least have the courtesy to air them properly!

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Goodness me

by Neil Higgins In reply to Just what ARE you doing o ...

as a "Ubuntu user",I have "put down" Vista a few times,but only because I do not like it.MS has many fine people working at Redmond.My home desktop is now using Linux.No problems here.

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