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Motherboard repair

By TonytheTiger ·
Does anyone know of a company that does board level repair? I have one with some blown capacitors. Thanks

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I wish I did

by mjd420nova In reply to Motherboard repair

I really don't know of any service company that does that repair work, as most would cost more than the actual cost of the MOBO. The repalcement is the way to go. Personally, I would tackle it myself, but would begin to question what caused them to ****, and what besides the obvious blown caps has been toasted. I have a work bench set aside for those repairs, a well grounded outlet for soldering irons, a good ground strap for the wrist and a lighted, large magnifier. I will attempt this type of repair and use a good ohmmeter before attempting to apply power as it is always possible that more is wrong that is not apparent and I don't want to sacrifice any other parts such as memory or plugin cards. Good luck.

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by TonytheTiger In reply to I wish I did

It's an older motherboard, a D6VAA dual P3 with raid. Just thought I could fix it and pass it down to someone else. Hated to waste two perfectly good 1 ghz processors and 768 meg of ram.

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Spare parts...

by dawgit In reply to Thanks

I keep a lot of those type boards, just for the spares. Some things you just never know you'll need will come in handy some days. They're not making some of that anymore, and when you need it, you need it.

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I found a local man

by TonytheTiger In reply to Spare parts...

who repairs mobile radios who is going to give it a shot. I keep stuff too. Need a crystal that'll speed up an IBM "AT" motherboard from 8 to 10 mhz? :)

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too much potential for hidden troubles

by shiny_topadm In reply to Motherboard repair

Hi, one business unit of our company repairs consumer elctronics, which includes computers. The process of repairing a motherboard can be very time-consuming, and time definitely is money! Parts like capacitors are cheap, but if you miss something and it takes out a cpu, drive, etc. it can very quickly cost much more than it's worth. There's also a lingering question about long-term reliability, even if it works when you first power it up. As a policy, we don't attempt motherboard repairs unless there's no alternative, and even then, we suggest avoiding it if at all possible.

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motherboard repair = risky business

by fungus-among-us In reply to too much potential for hi ...

As others have mentioned, repairing a mobo is probably not a good idea. Too many variables and components to worry about. Have you contacted the manufacturer (ECS) themselves to see if they would attempt a repair?

I did a search on pricewatch for a dual socketed 370 mobo... only thing I found was this ASUS... for $149.00

Think it's time to make those P-III's into keychains.

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Actually I've decided

by TonytheTiger In reply to motherboard repair = risk ...

to try it myself.

I've already ordered a P4 motherboard, CPU, memory, SATA drives, etc. I did it on the 'cheap as possible' (since I temporarily or maybe not so temporarily have six extra mouths to feed) and feel I done a good job with my budget... Socket 478 motherboard, P4 CPU (HT, 2.8mhz/800FSB, 1 meg cache), 1 gig ram, (and coolers for each) two 80 gig SATA, and a 650 Watt power supply for a grand total of $240. I'm re-using case, video, keyboard, and mouse.

I figure if the repair attempt fails I can get some cheapie all-in-one motherboards and build for a couple of friends who still have Win95 on P2-166 (ugh!). If it succeeds, one friend will get a somewhat better machine :)

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What about badcaps?

by johnsonw In reply to Motherboard repair

Came across
Not sure of their reputation but it looks like they might do what you're looking for

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Kool site B-)

by dawgit In reply to What about badcaps?

very interesting, I know what NOT to do

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Component level repair

by traby In reply to Motherboard repair

I found the following link. says his work in guaranteed

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