Mouse Switch 1.1

By jjheg2 ·
I downloaded the trial version of this softwa re, and found it answered all my needs. However, after three emails to the vendor with no response, I have been unable to find out where I can purchase the software. I noted on CNET that the purchase price is $20.00, a price I am more than willing to pay. Does anyone know where/how I can purchase this software.

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Web Site Not Much Better

by TheChas In reply to Mouse Switch 1.1

The Web site is not much more help than what you have so far.

Have you looked on the help menu for a registration or purchase option?

Most "trial-ware" is the actual software and all you need is to get the registration / activation code.


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Help menu for regristration number

by jjheg2 In reply to Web Site Not Much Better

Will look again but do not remember a Help Button.


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Call me stupid, but don't all laptops have this function ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Mouse Switch 1.1

I didn't realise there were laptops out there that had touchpads you can't disable.

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Touchpad Disable

by jjheg2 In reply to Call me stupid, but don't ...

Looked for the disable, following Dell manual. However, cannot find it where they claim it should be. Also, checked BIOS, no such function. I have installed external mice, at home "wireless Trackball" and on the road a Microsoft wireless mouse. I can only assume that they some how overroad the Dell. Attemped to get Dell help via the internet and keep getting run in circles. Next step is to call them.

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You never told us WHICH Dell you have!...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Touchpad Disable

Maybe we'll be able to track down the key-combination for you.

What model of laptop is it?
Does it have a model number too?

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Disable in "Mouse Properties"

by Bizzo In reply to Touchpad Disable

I have a Dell Latitude D620, running XP, and I can disable either the pointing stick or the touchpad. Unfortunately not both.

Start > Settings > Control Panel > Mouse
And then the "Device Select" tab.

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Device Select

by jjheg2 In reply to Disable in "Mouse Propert ...

I have and Dell XPS M140 and when I go to the mouse tab on the Control Panel there is no "Device Select" tab. My manual states that I should have such a selection, but its not there

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