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Movie Computer Commands

By Hockeyist ·
One of the recent discussions has prompted me to start this thread.
How many times have you cringed at the commands used by movie hackers/script kiddies? The way that movie computers behave is also ludicrous.
I don't know whether movie producers have ever heard of IT consultants, or maybe they are appealing to the masses.

I've seen some interesting commands such as
..access secret password file_
..access backdoor_
and odd computer behaviour such as
..any hardware from anywhere on earth or the universe will interface together and operate
..broadcast quality video conferencing between pc's over a WAN.
That's all I'll list as I'm sure there's a lot more out there that I have forgotten.

What are some of your favourite movie commands or quirky computer behaviour?

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One of my favourites is the Bond movie, Goldeneye

by neilb@uk In reply to Movie Computer Commands

When the villain (nerdy Russian programmer) types "Send Spike" and a map of the World appears showing the route from his modem into the computer he's hacking - in one case, the Pentagon - and this apparently locks up all of the communication paths so that the Pentagon can't break the link.

At this point he routinely shouts "I am inwincible!"

Later, Bond freezes him with liquid Helium and shatters him into a thousand pieces in a computer room underneath a Cuban lake - same old stuff. Wtf do they use the He for? Sorry, getting real for a moment.

Anyway, serves the bastart right for messing with British Intelligence!

Even better, though, is the film "Independence Day" when Geoff Goldblum introduces a virus into the computer of an alien spaceship!? What a coincidence, the aliens are using Microsoft, too.

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He uploaded XP home editon with SP2???

by sleepin'dawg In reply to One of my favourites is t ...

That should do the job,quite nicely. :^O

Dawg ]:)

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Well they'd been in space a fair

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to One of my favourites is t ...

while and the aliee in charge of IT hadn't been able to update his virus definitions.

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Actually he had an Apple Powerbook

by JamesRL In reply to Well they'd been in space ...

and all he had to do was upload a real OS to the alien computer.....

Or maybe there is a script kiddie site for dealing with alien OSs.

Of course I watched Jurassic Park the other day again - the bad admin plants a virus in the computer that controls everything in the park(Macs and Unix workstations). They kill the virus by doing a complete shutdown. They bring it back up and its clean(but in doing so they kill a breaker so they have to go to a totally separate building to turn it back on - what was that architect thinking? A 12 year old girl is the only one around who can use the computer, and shes a Unix expert.....(Its Unix I know this!)

Of the integrated systems I know, they always have a failure mode which keeps things working. At one place where a computer controlled the HVAC, if the computer failled, the AC of course would still work to ensure that the lab rats would live through the night...


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The terminal in Jurassic Park had X-Windows...

by Hockeyist In reply to Actually he had an Apple ... may not have been running on unix. Typical of another oversight by the studios.

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24 has some fun

by JamesRL In reply to One of my favourites is t ...


The first season of 24 had an office (Counter Terrorism Unit) with a mix of Macs and PCs. Some wag on the internet opined that it seemed like the good people had Macs and the bad ones PCs. Sure enough one of the main charecters with PCs turned out to be a traitor. They have since switched to all PCs.

Last night's episode had our hero discovering an external HD that he found at a suspicious person's house. He plugged it into his laptop only to find that the directories were locked. He called one of the computer geniuses back at the office and was walked through a series of steps to hack in. Genius - give me the last 4 digits of the HD serial number. The Genius then walked Jack through a key sequence (Tab right arrow) then gave Jack a secret backdoor. Bingo, Jack is in!


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Actually that ones true

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to 24 has some fun

I read it in conspiracy international.

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Tony was that the one with the

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Actually that ones true

Three breasted woman on the front cover who lactated pure Anthrax?

Great read anyway wasn't it?

Col ]:)

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by Jellimonsta In reply to 24 has some fun

I was at a Cisco seminar yesterday and they guy mentioned either CSI or 24 (I don't watch TV) will have an episode soon where they will use Cisco's MARS program to track down a hacker. I guess the cool thing is they actually follow legitimate usage of the application and don't pull any rabbits from the hat.
Anyone remember the movie 'The Net' with Sandra Bullock? I remember she hacks into a PC with an IP address in the 300 range, must be a special secret IP structure us grunts don't know about :)

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Actually it's the back door

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to CSI

That we aren't told about. :)

I particularly liked the bit where the Gatekeeper program hacked the air controllers terminals and sent the wrong data to the Lorain Nav System on the light Aircraft that caused it to crash. Well the pyrotechnics did look specular even if nothing else was believable.

Col ]:)

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