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Movie downloads

By alpharay3 ·
I've heard lately that there's actually a way of downloading movies to watch free of charge. Is this possible? Be sure to provide some of the websites if possible.

I'd also like to receive a link to download a VB6 Programming Interactive Tutor.

Can anyone HELP me out?

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Yes there is alot

by zlitocook In reply to Movie downloads

look to google for them.
If you use the free sites you could get viruses, Trojans and root kits for free! And for good measure your computer can become a bot that infects alot of other computers.
It is alot simpler to just join and pay a small amount to get what you want.

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Watching Movies Free Of Charge

by BFilmFan In reply to Movie downloads

Get a job in a theater and you can watch movies on your day off.

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Apart from the odd virus or two

by Neil Higgins In reply to Watching Movies Free Of C ...

you can install P2P software,and download for free,off any torrent server.It will probably take forever,depending on the download speed,and you have to remember that other "members",will be constantly uploading off your hard drive,every time you connect to the net.Not a good security solution.Then there's the legality of it all.Yes,I know Warner Brothers are in talks with Bit Torrent over "legal" downloads,but until then,go to your local store,rent a movie,and sometimes,not always,you can get a second movie free.Dont play Russian roulette with your it's usually guys like me that have to spend time cleaning up the mess,when I have more important jobs to do.

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It's true, This is what you can do....

by tomcs70 In reply to Movie downloads

Go to a usenet website, maybe, join and pay a fee, the one you like the most, download their free news reader software, then search for anything you like at maybe choose something and clik "creat NZB", open it, and you'll start downloading. I recomend a fast internet conection if you really want to take avantage of this. About the VB6 Programming Interactive Tutor, try a search for "CBT Nuggets - Visual Basic" whit out the quotations marks.

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And another thing....

by tomcs70 In reply to It's true, This is what y ...

I'am free of any kind of spyware, malware, virus, trojans, rootkins and alike.
You can also buy a dvd burner, rent dvds and copy them. They wont deteriorate or anything, just do it, it's ok. But you know, there is really no such thing as free. You are going to have to pay this fee, but at the end it's true.

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Free movies? Make your own!

by deepsand In reply to Movie downloads

Just think of all the fun you and your friends will have watching each other doing stupid things, again and again and ...

If you're pressed for good screen play ideas, there are plenty of people here who can provide such.

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Movie's for free!!!!

by scott6261 In reply to Movie downloads

Yes its true, you can get almost anything out there on the web these days, including Movie's. The only way to find out how, is to do some research on "BitTorrent" as asking for info here is not very clever, have you not heard about copyright and the MPAA or Microsoft, they have big legal departments to protect their copyrights and the TechRepublic do not want any interest from the aforementioned.

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It's all true!

by shraven In reply to Movie downloads

Everything you've heard is true! Some of my favorite sites are:

But be sure to read the fine print: the download is free, but the legal fees are horrendous! If they don't get you on the front end, they screw you on the backside.

Go take your trolling elsewhere idiot! Clearly you're a RIAA/MPAA bumwipe.

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