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MS Access 2000 questions

By saintjohn4059 ·
I'm brand new and need some help please.

Item 1: Is there a way to create a rollover effect in a MS Access form (either on the item description text or around the data input box)?

Item 2: If I have an item in a MS Access form that asks a Y/N question that requires a response if answered YES, is there a way to have the responses display a bright color (say red) if the response is NO and advances to the next question?

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by Maevinn In reply to MS Access 2000 questions

1. Yes. Create each field as unbound, and then have a button for the user to press to process the data, either through VBA or a query. Append query works great for new records, or an update for changes to existing record. If this is for changing existing records, then you have to populate the fields via VBA, or generate a temporary table that's recreated each time (slower, I'd go with the VBA).

2. Yep--on the AfterUpdate for that field, and then use VBA to put in an If Then, and then set either the text or the back color for the field to the color of your choosing, and the goes to the next record. You'll also want a line somewhere so it goes back to normal when you go to a new record--I usually throw something in the form level.

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