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    MS DOS prompt


    by jacmari ·

    Hi everyone,

    I was just wondering if there is a DOS command that will give me my IP address information, how much memory I have, the type of motherboard I have… etc.

    I tried using chkdsk.. but it only lets me know how much memory is used.Thanks in advance. I’m still learning. =)

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      Learning is good…

      by kima ·

      In reply to MS DOS prompt

      OK for detecting your hardware you’ll need to download a hardware detection software for DOS, you can find it free in many sites.. Start researching..

      To find out the MEMORY available and use from DOS you can type the “MEM” syntax and for a detail info you can add any of the following switches:

      /debug = Displays the status of currently loaded programs and of internal drivers, and displays other programming info.

      /classify = Displays the status of programs loaded into conventional memory and the upper memory area. This switch lists the size of each program in decimal and hexadecimal notation, provides a summary of memory use, and lists the largest memory blocks that are available.

      To view your network, you have quite a few options type “NET” syntax and press pause as soon as you press enter to pause it, so you can read the different options given.

      To view your IP address and configuration type “IPCONFIG”.

      Try to get your hands on MsDOS 5.0 User’s Guide & Reference and the oldest OS because it provides lots of useful commands not available to the newest ones.

      I would love to distributed electronically but I’m not getting the feed back I need to start my home business in IT Research..

      I do collect security testing tools, manuals in different languages, hacking resources, etc. but again NO FEED BACK … I’ll love to be at home reading, scanning, designing training material, downloading IT info but nobody seems to be interested in such approach…shame onthem…

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