MS Office 2003 and Vista OS

By run ·
I own the software for MS Office 2003 and it is loaded on my PC (I work from home). I now have purchased a Toshiba laptop which came installed with Vista OS. Will my version of MS Office run on Vista OS without difficulty? Do I have permission to load it on my laptop since both machines are mine and I work alone from my home?

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You can have multiple copies of Office installed, so long as both aren't

by ManiacMan In reply to MS Office 2003 and Vista ...

used concurrently, (check the EULA to validate this), but I think that Office 2003 has some compatibility issue anyway with Vista and you'll have to install Office 2007 on it. I really haven't touched Vista much because I'm disgusted by all the compatibility with it, but I've heard there are some problems involved with installing and running Office 2003 on Vista. Hopefully, others here can chime in and verify this, as my knowledge of Vista i not the same as XP and Windows Server 2003 in which I'm both certified.

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There are several things

by The Scummy One In reply to You can have multiple cop ...

different versions of Office have different requirements. Look at your license or call MS for verification.

Although Office03 is said by MS to work on Vista, I had problems with Outlook on an exchange server on several machines.
But I had no problems in Word (barely used it though) and did not try excel.

Maniac Man is right, there are issues with it and Vista prefers 07.

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Is this a problem with 2003 only?

by ComputerCookie In reply to You can have multiple cop ...

I've had no problem running 2002/XP on Beta, Candidate 1 or Vista Business.

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I havent tried with anything except 03 and 07

by The Scummy One In reply to Is this a problem with 20 ...

But I was not using a beta ver. either, it was the business full ver. from MSDN. I tried it several times on a few systems, then upgraded to 07 and it worked fine then (outlook).

It may work on other versions, but I had problems with Outlook 03 on business.

Shortly after that I discontinued trying to use Vista at all (until 2 days ago).

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MS2003 and Vista OS

by run In reply to You can have multiple cop ...

How tough is it to remove Vista OS and replace it with XP? Then I could load Office 2003 (which I like) and I could forget about Vista (which I hate). Using Vista, I can't do anything without my window minimizing on me and when I try to get on the web, I have to always restart my computer to get connected. I am so disgusted, my productivity level is -0! Thanks for all your help!

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You may do it

by tintoman In reply to MS Office 2003 and Vista ...

Under the terms of the EULA for office 2003 you are entitled to install the software on a portable device in addition to a pc provided that it is for the EXCLUSIVE use of the license holder.
Office 2003 works in general with Vista but there are some issues which Microsoft have stated they might or might not fix depends if they can be bothered I guess.
A couple of known issues are that when you try to accept the license agreement during installation you cannot do so unless you run the installation as an administrator, others I have come across include Outlook failing to remember email passwords.

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