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By Dayle1011 ·
I want to send attachments in Outlook 2003, but I don't want the attachment in the body of the message, but in the header. How do I accomplish that?

Thank you for any help

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by scott_heath In reply to MS Outlook 2003

The header is created by the server. Where the email program depicts the icon of the attachment has no bearing on where it goes in the email. it is an attachment and depending on the receipents email app it may appear in a different "location".

If you are talking about a picture showing its contents in the body othe message that is different. If you use the Attachment button versus dragging and dropping this shouldn't happen. I have seen it when drag and drop does an OLE insert versus attaching the file.

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re: Outlook Attachments

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to MS Outlook 2003

In Outlook Tools -> Options -> Mail Format, look to see if your outgoing email is set to Rich Text Format (RTF). If it is, switch to HTML format and turn off Word as the email editor. Click OK all the way out. Then, when you attatch a file, the file name will show up in the "Attachments" line just under the Subject line of what you are refering to as the "header".

Just remember, what you see when you send the email isn't necessarily how it will be seen on the other end. So, always position your cursor on a blank line below the last thing you typed in the email body before you attatch the file(s).

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re: thank you email

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to re: Outlook Attachments

Dayle, I got your email just fine.

You're Welcome! :)

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