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MS Word printing pages out of sequence

By happydad ·
I recently replaced my WIN 95 operating system with XP. Now, when I print more than a single page, it prints out of sequence (last page first).
Is there a software switch somewhere that I failed to change?

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It is more likely to do with your Printer

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to MS Word printing pages ou ...

You'll have to look inside your printer prefences, but I have noticed with XP and older printers that the drivers supplied with XP generally print pages in a different order depending on what kind of printer you have. What generally happens is that if the pages come out face up them the last page will be printed first and the first page is printed last. You can then pick up the document withit in order and facing the right way so all you need to do is put in a staple or whatever you are using and away you go. The same applies if the pa=ge come out face down then the first page is printed first and the last page printed last. Again all you have to do is pickup the xcomplete document and away you go. I don't see thsi as a problem unless you insist on reading each page as it leaves the printer then things get messy but if you leave things alone the complete document should come out in the proper order and be ready to pick up and take away once its finished printing.

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MS Word printing pages out of sequence - A solution

by mainprized In reply to MS Word printing pages ou ...

In Word select"Tools" then "Options" select the "Print" tab one of the options is to print in reverse.

Hope this helps

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Actually I see this as one of the advantages of XP

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to MS Word printing pages ou ...

Because it prints pages and deposits them in the printer tray in order so you only need to pick up the completed document and go with it no more messy collating and the like. however where this comes unstuck is with laser printers when you wnt several copies of a multi page document as with XP it prints each page at a time so lets say for the sake of easy you have a 4 page document and send this job to the printer it will print 3 copies of page 4 then move to printing 3 copies of page 3 and so on.

Before anyone jumps on me I know this can be altered in the printer properties but it is a bit odf a hassle at times.

If you are only interested in Word documents the above listing will work ok or you can chose to go into the printer options and chose "Print in Reverse Order" it all works out the same with the only difference being it takes a few more mouse clicks but sometimes is the only way depending on what program is being used at the time.

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MS Word printing pages out of sequence

by happydad In reply to Actually I see this as on ...

Thanks. Your theory makes sense.

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