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All, Why is it that whey I make changes to the msconfig file (i.e. amend startup items), are these changes not implemented. I select Apply, nothing. When I disable the service this make no difference.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Alan Wisdom

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Do you clic on

by ComputerCookie In reply to msconfig

Exit and restart?

What processes are you trying to disable?

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MSConfig -

by thewisdoms In reply to Do you clic on

These are the secondary programs that I infrequently use, Roxio, Adobe, DMX etc. namely programs using start-up resource. I would rather utilise the system as and when I need them (activate from desktop) rather than having them run all of the time in background without being used.

I am starting to have concerns about whether the previously stated ?administrator rights? to my account are still current as the management of disc shares seems an issue also..

P.S. O/S is XP.


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It doesn't matter what the application is

by ComputerCookie In reply to MSConfig -

it doesn't need to start at startup.

Not sure why msconfig is not working, do you SP2 installed? Who could replace the file from your CD, and the download the update for it

If you are not worried about MSconfig, you can use Ccleaner to edit Startup.

It is quite a handy tool.

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by wesley.chin In reply to It doesn't matter what th ...

What kind of environment is the PC in? Corporate, home, educational? Standalone, workstation?

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by thewisdoms In reply to Hm

Thanks for the response, Yes SP2 is installed. It is a home PC environment without any other connectivity (other than to the WWW).

Are there any other characteristics that a corrupt file would deliver or are you suggesting that the whole SP2 update be re-installed?

Is "Ccleaner" a freeware product?


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by wesley.chin In reply to MSConfig

When I last used it, it was freeware. It should still be freeware.

SP2 has not caused that much of a difference in workflow here.

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