MSN Hotmail Servers marking legitimate e-mails as junk mail

By roberto.gouvea ·
We are launching a new service that sends e-mails to customers fo our clients. All e-mails get to their destiny with no special problem but those customers that have a hotmail account, since the e-mail is automatically sent to their "Junk mail" folder. Of couse there is an option for thode guys to "ease" their hotmail filters and after that they can receive the same message in their normal input folder.
Sure, we have reviewed all DNS definitions and specified SPF record in those definitons.
Microsof does not answer our claims for an explanation nor give us a clue for that procedure of classifying our e-mails as junk.
Any idea, help or hope?

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by ThumbsUp2 In reply to MSN Hotmail Servers marki ...

Unsollicited email IS junk mail, period, and the hotmail servers are doing exactly what one should expect them to do.... filtering out SPAM.

If the "customers of YOUR clients" have subscribed (opted in) to email from your company, they would know how to allow it through as legitimate email. If any of your mail reaches people who did not request it, all they have to do is REPORT it as junk mail through free SPAM reporting services, and your companies email address will be placed on the black list. So, more and more companies will be filtering your email in the future.

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