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Multi-tasking, stress and new technology...

By geekchic ·
I currently have 3 computers in my office (one is a MAC and two PC's), a new Blackberry 8700c (loaded), a data projector, two voice mail systems and 3 email addresses to monitor plus management duties on top of that. Now granted, I have an excellent team and they require very little direction! We all work well together well except maybe one of them who is really getting on my nerves lately (had a complaint this morning about that one getting on someone else's nerves for a change!).

When I go home in the evening I am just worn out. And now with the Blackberry my email follows me everywhere I go plus, a lot more people now have my cell phone number and just because they go into work on Saturday, they think it is ok to call me for help when something goes wrong. Yes, I could just ignore the call but then I feel guilty. I am not ever on call, it is not part of my job but some people think that it is?

How do I stop the madness??? What do you do to de-stress? I am trying to eat better and get away from my desk more but with the stupid Blackberry, my desk goes with me everywhere? Plus we are in the middle of changing over to Exchange (without any training) and the Blackberrys were a complete surprise and I had to figure out how to use them and train all the other users!

Ok, I have whined do you de-stress after a day of this type of multi-tasking/multi-stressing???

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by Tig2 In reply to Multi-tasking, stress and ...

A lot. It helps, some.

I have different focus- my team knows that they can reach me 24/7 but I don't ALWAYS answer phone or email. I do get back to them but I have time away.

Vitamin B complex will help. Learning to turn it off when you need to also helps.

I understand. As women it is difficult for us. But we are able to set healthy lmits. Doesn't sound like you have learned what the lines are and where you can draw them. Make that Job One.

If you HAVE nothing, what can you give? Don't let little crap wear you out.

My $0.02

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that turning it off thing is pretty hard to master!

by geekchic In reply to Walk

I will try the Vitamin B complex and you are right, I need to turn if off but I still haven't learned to do that but I am trying. I do appreciate your 2 cents!!! I need all the help I can get....going to the store now!!!

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If you don't know where the off button is ...

by NgunnawalJack In reply to that turning it off thing ...

... leave it at work!

I found that having a second cell phone # for family and friends allowed me to ignore the work related # and still be contactable socially.

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Few things

by onbliss In reply to Multi-tasking, stress and ...

1) Meditation (I have heard great things about it. Personally, I am going to start it shortly. Been reading a book and few articles)
3) Yoga, Exercise, Martial arts
4) Plenty of Water and Sleep.
5) Read book instead of watching TV or browsing.

The above are apart from the family, pets, friends, hobbies & outdoor related activities.

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oooo...Martial Arts...I love that idea...

by geekchic In reply to Few things

then I could kick butt AND take names. LOL! I am actually a green belt in Jujitso but it has been awhile (like about 30 years!). I do read but I think I probably need to read something other then computer books and I will look for something. Thanks!

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Oh no...

by onbliss In reply to oooo...Martial Arts...I l ...

...if you want to get away then do not read computer books and magazines :-) you are just adding fuel to the fire.

Oh well you are a green belt, there would be no point in me bragging to you about my yellow belt in Kenpo Karate. Am working on my orange belt now.

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by steve In reply to oooo...Martial Arts...I l ...

Aikido is a martial art that is both physical and spiritual/philisophical - see if you can find a Ki Society dojo in your area. Its also very woman-friendly. I've been doing it fo abut 6 months and love it (49 yo, unfit male).

My wife also got me square dancing a couple of years ago. Yes its corny, but it is both a gentle exercise *and* a mental workout. I have a grin on my face the whole time I'm dancing.

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Martial Arts - Tai Chi

by zclayton2 In reply to oooo...Martial Arts...I l ...

If its been 30 years, try something low impact like TaiChi. I too had Judo (now 35 yrs past) and at 40 took up TaiKwanDo. Good aerobics, hard on the joints. Switched to Tai Chi and believe it or not, my TKD got better and so did my rusty Judo. Tai Chi is all about centering and gentleness but make no mistake, it is a martial art. After you learn the form you can take an applications class that will show how kick *** it is. I would compare it to judo at arms length, and as a bonus, you don't make hard contact with the floor as part of the practice.

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Nice simple computer games work for me - Doom

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Multi-tasking, stress and ...

Soldier of Fortune etc. If you know what you're doing you can even change the images for certain characters or monsters etc. Give them the face of people you dislike or cause you stress then stress out by blowing the suckers away on your computer.

During my divorce I spent many hours blasting my ex in Doom maps - especially just before and after another spurious court case apperance.

In recent years I found that 'accidently' leaving the mobile phone in the car's glove box over the weekend very useful.

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but then I would still be using a computer!!!

by geekchic In reply to Nice simple computer game ...

don't have any video game systems at my house...maybe I should buy one....

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