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Multilingual User Interface (MUI) Pack

By bowers1971 ·
I have helped friends (in Europe) for years with computer questions and problems, but have always had a problem because their user interface is in a different language other than English. When trying to give instructions to them on how to do things, we sometimes run into language problems (as the technical words of any language are not often covered in foreign language courses, or even related directly to an English translation). Recently I learned that Microsoft has products for Windows 2000Professional, Windows XP Professional, and perhaps even their Office products, called a Multilingual User Interface (MUI) pack. Although I have found information on the product, I can find anywhere, if this product is available to individual customers or is only available to corporate customers. This would sure come in handy, if I was able to set up multiple users on my Win2K and WinXP systems each with their own user interface, so that when answering questions or problems from my friends from overseas, my interface would be the same as theirs, especially since my knowledge of the other languages is very limited. This would also help to prepare me for a possible move to Europe in the near future. The language I am mostly interested is Dutch; but also helpful would be French, Italian, and German.

Anyone out there have any information on the MUI pack that might help me?

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