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Multiplier Settings

By cruzn ·
I'm trying to set my multipier on my new motherboard. I have an AMD XP 2200 Processor rated at 1.83GHz the processor has a 266 FSB. I 'm a little confused on how to figure out what the correct setting should be.

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Remember processor clock=133 FSB=233

by admin In reply to Multiplier Settings

Straight from the horses mouth:

Technical Information
Manufacturer AMD - Thoroughbred
Model Number XP2200+
CPU Speed (MHz) 1800
Format Socket A
Features QuantiSpeed? architecture. High-performance, full-speed on-chip cache (384K total). XP 2200 with 266MHz advanced front-side bus. 3DNow!? Professional technology (with 52 new instructions)
FSB (MHz) 266
Multiplier 13.5 x
Core Voltage (V) 1.6 / 1.65
I/O Voltage (V) 3.3
Level 1 Cache (Kb) 128

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Depends on Mother board

by TheChas In reply to Multiplier Settings

The 'proper' settings depend on your motherboard and RAM.

For a SDRAM system, you set the FSB to 133MHz,
and the multiplier to 13.75

For PC2700 or faster DDR RAM,
The FSB is 266MHz
the multiplier is 6.88

If you have PC2100 or slower DDR RAM, you may be limited to a 200MHz FSB.


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PC 1600

by MTBerJim In reply to Depends on Mother board

is 200mhz 100x2, PC 2100 is 266mhz 133x2
I have no idea where you got a 6.88 multiplyer from, but I've never seen it on any socket A mother board I've built.
If he's dealing with a XP2200 1.8Ghz it's a 13.5x133
PS. I'm running an XP1700 1.43-11x133 at 12x166 2.0ghz.

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Read this too..

by admin In reply to Multiplier Settings

These things don't like speed adjustments. The 2100, which I have also had, fares better, but you still don't really gain much. Anyway, hopefully this will help you better understand your chip...

Also, your motherboard should show the set-up in the specs too. For instance, I have a KT4V MSI and it can run FSB 200, 266 or 333 but the CPU you can only choose 100 or 133 speeds. This is pretty common for boards supporting these processors. What MB are you using? Thatwould help us tell you exactly what to do.

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