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Musharraf Pardons A Q Khan...and the world looks on...

By tr_member ·
Pakistan kept conducting terrorists activities against India, and the world looked on. More than 30,000 people have died in J&K, countless displaced. US kept aiding Pakistan fearing India's friendship with USSR.

It was so ironic when Pakistan was never mentioned in the Axis of Evil, as it was one nation that was exporting terrorism and had the capability to disrupt peace in the world.

Mushy pardons Khan, well what else can he do...they were all in IT together. In the election year, US looks away and so does the world.

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Shades of Gray

by Oldefar In reply to Musharraf Pardons A Q Kh ...

Unfortunately, we all operate in that gray area between always right and always wrong.

Pakistan and India are both members of the British Commonwealth and the UN. The ongoing discord over Kashmir stems from how Britain drew borders when returning independence after WWII to areas formerly under colonial rule.

Given the advantage of hindsight, how should have that been accomplished to prevent the conditions that have led to the current situation?

Lacking a political agenda, what actions should be taken by whom in light of the current situation?

Keep in mind that while Khan has been pardoned, new insights have been gained into how such transactions were accomplished. Libya has opened up its borders a least partially in an attempt to rejoin the majority of the world's nations, Iran has opened its nuclear program to UN sanctioned inspections and revealed much of what was once hidden, and North Korea is struggling to find its place among nations as well.

Perhaps all of us are better off when we can accept apologies for past errors and then move forward instead of demanding retribution or justice?

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Please remove the space...

by tr_member In reply to What Post has to say...

between "Feb" and "4.html" in the link

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What do you say?

by Oldefar In reply to What Post has to say...

I can read the Post or any other paper's editorials, and do.

What is of more interest is what other "regular" people have to say.

Let me give you a scenario to ponder. What if Musharraf, a bit more moderate and secular than other past and possibly alternative Pakistan leaders, was aware once he reached power? Now, that is a tenuous position (note the failed assassination attempts) and an immediate shift to end the proliferation would be at least political suicide. So instead, he works with Western nations (British and American in particular) to expand their intelligence efforts and is supported on finding an opportunity to bring this in the open. That support leads to Libya and Iran divulging more information and at last coming clean about their efforts with nuclear weapons.

The western democracies get to close down nuclear proliferation. They gain a moderate Muslim government to work with. They enable India and Pakistan to resume talks. They gain valuable insight into the underground exchange of WMD between groups and nations.

Everyone escapes the ravages of still another front in the war on terror, this time in Pakistan. Pakistan gets to keep a hero, although a bit tarnished. Kahn remains a symbol for intellectual effort, and in Greek tragedy style becomes also an example of a good man turned by greed or misplaced loyalties.

I don't know if the above is anywhere close to reality, but it would not surprise me if it were.

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It is all about Power....

by tr_member In reply to What do you say?

Musharaf is all about power. Pak has been ruled by the Military directly and indirectly. They would do anything to jeopardice the peace in India. They brought about the Kargil War, the ISI had their hands in the bomb blast in India's Parliament.
He might be a moderate muslim, but he is power hungry. Ofcourse, you might say so are all the Politicians in the world.
The only salvation is a robust Democracy in Pakistan and the people no longer being brain washed against India or the Americans. They probably have more anti-Americans than anti-Indians.

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