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By Xink[o] ·
Well I decided to find out what types of music you guys n gals like. I, personaly have a intrest in a cross between techno/rave/trance and classical/modern rock.


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by jkaras In reply to Music

I have always been a rocker but lately my tastes have changed. I am tired of the "formula bands" that have taken over the air waves as the new style commercial jingles. I do find it funny that they claim that they are artists or actually gain satisfaction expressing themselves artistically? I have noticed that my tastes are definitely getting more mellow as I get older or I can maybe appreciate music better, that it is more about the music rather than the flash.
current favorites:(no particular oder)
3.Screemin Cheeta'Wheelies
4.Black Crows
6.Pearl Jam
8.Stevie Ray Vaughn
9.Old Metallica only nothing past Reload
12.Alice in Chains
13.Counting Crows
14.I Mother Earth
17.Mercury Program
19.Pink Floyd
20.Stone Temple Pilots
21.Old NIN only not the new junk
22.Talking Heads
23.The Doors
24.The Police
25.Tom Petty (just scored tickets w/Black Crows for Tampa!!!)
26.U2 anything POP and before, the new one blows.
There is a ton of other great groups with various hits and what have you. The list would never end, but I am desporate to find anything remarkable whether something old or new that would broaded my horizons. I am just not into country, old country was good like Alabama, Willie Nelson, and some Hank Williams but I am becoming a huge Southern Rock fan?

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Both kinds

by Jessie In reply to Music

I like both kinds of music... country AND western. :) Actually, I like most any style... with the exception of gangsta-rap. Gospel rap can be good. But truly what I listen to most is Country. I like to sing along, and country goes nicely with my midwestern accent.

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Rock..always has been...always will be :)

by TomSal In reply to Music

I'm the youngest of my parents sons (I have two sisters too), so its only natural that the influence of my older brothers swayed me.

I grew up on...

Led Zeppelin
Black Sabbath

etc. etc.

never looked back :)

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Musical tastes

by jck In reply to Music

What I like to listen to:

- James Taylor
- Chicago
- Journey
- Kansas
- Heart
- Led Zeppelin
- Eric Clapton
- U2
- The Police/Sting
- The Corrs
- No Doubt
- Stone Temple Pilots
- Jimi Hendrix
- Mozart
- J.S. Bach
- Chopin
- Vivaldi
- Hank Williams Jr.
- Metallica
- White Zombie
- The Beatles
- The Eagles

ok...can't think...that's good enough...

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Mixed Bag

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Music

In no particular Order
Led Zep
Early Metallica
Sinead O' Connor
Alison Moyet
The Jam
The Clash
Frankie Laine
The Strokes
Joe Cocker
Thin Lizzy
Bruce Springsteen
Talking Heads
Eric Clapton
Peter Gabriel

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by Oz_Media In reply to Music

Classical (married a principal cellist once), musicals (was in Annie, West Side Story,Oklahoma and Oliver), Old pop (Gary Glitter /Alvin Stardust, Neil will appreciate that) now manage/promote many different acts, progressive metal, early metal, NWOBHM etc.
Reggae, and anythoing else where talented musicians actually play music or sing/tour live, thus RAP is completely out of the question (forget your DAT's at the airport and it's all over)!

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DATs and performances

by jck In reply to WOW

memories of Milli Vanilli, eh Oz...

"Girl you know.. girl you know...girl you know its...girl you know..."
-from the concert that broke them as lip syncers....

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by Oz_Media In reply to DATs and performances

It was Steven Tyler. He was laughing about new music not having any talent and how one 'artist'/rap star, he'd been on a plane with. When Aerosmith was getting off the plane, the other rapper had to cancel his show (big name but forget who's) as he had left his DAT's in L.A.

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My current list

by sMoRTy71 In reply to Music

Right now, I am totally wearing out the new Queens of the Stone Age CD "Lullabies to Paralyze."

Here are some of my other favorites (right now anyway):

Urge Overkill
Afghan Whigs
Possum Dixon
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
The Distillers
The Clash
Franz Ferdinand
The Hives
The Roots (rap with live instrumentation, Oz)
Cibo Matto
The Donnas
A Tribe Called Quest

OK, I'd better stop there.

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A couple I would side with there!

by Oz_Media In reply to My current list

Prince, phenominal guitarist, great performer, good vocals. I don't care what the other guys think.

Clash, the one and only!

but Bjork, each his own, :)

Oh yeah, THANKS FOR THE TAGS!!!! They rock!

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