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"Musical Milestones"

By gadgetgirl ·
As we all seem to be on a musical tack this week, I thought I'd put in my 2p-worth, too.

So, here is Musical Milestones. What musical milestones played a part in your life? I know I can definitively mark times in my life that a certain song/tune has made me recall instantly. What about you?

I'll start!

Some of these I'll explain the reasons they are milestones, some I won't - hey, there are some things/dates/times you really don't need to know, believe me!

Magic Moments, Perry Como - first song I remember hearing....
High Hopes, Frank Sinatra - Pa's theme tune!
You were made for me, Freddie and the Dreamers - the first time I went on a plane
Tired of Waiting, Kinks - first single bought
Bridge over Troubled Water - first LP bought
Build me up Buttercup - my first "Our Tune"!
Angel, Jimi Hendrix - loss of my fave cuz
Bright Eyes - September 75, you don't need to know
Sailing, Rod Stewart - honeymoon (wish the ex HAD gone sailing instead!)
Frog Song, Paul McCartney - our mother and daughter song (and yes, it still is!)
Rocking all over the World - general good times
Days, Kirsty McColl - you don't need to know
Last Night, Az Yet - you don't need to know
Love the Way you call my name, Charlotte Church - you don't need to know

and finally:

Penny Lane, Beatles. Played for my grandfathers birthday on the radio, requested by my grandmother, and was the only radio request we ever got played. Gran was born just off Penny Lane, and when my sailor grandfather got to Liverpool, they met on Penny Lane, and were together the rest of their lives. (Awwww.....)

So, that's my (abridged) starter for 10. There are loads more, but most either aren't that well known, or I can only remember a few words, not whole tunes or artists.

So that's the challenge - what are the musical milestones in YOUR life?


(Enjoy the reminiscing.....I did. Sorta!)

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picking up the music

by rob mekel In reply to "Musical Milestones"

Okay lett's have a go

Michelle, my belle. The Beatles, great holliday in France when it came out.
Tubular Bells, Mike Oldfield, first album bought, read some books and when ever I hear the songs I get the images of the book AND otherway around.
Baby Love, Supremes, first skiing holiday
Bad out of **** 1, Meat Loaf, well ... lets just say ... great.
Angie, Rolling Stones, well ... I did enjoy the trip
Carmen, Bizet, my dad loved this (me to now)
Unchain my heart, Joe Cocker, real great memory's about it
Bright Eyes,Art Garfunkel, real nice times and more
House of the Rising Sun, The Animals, great evenings ... nice pool parties ... great fun
99 luftballons, Nena, eehhh lets say good times !
999 bicycles, Katie Melua, my niece (3) and nephew (4) love it and sing allong alltho they don't understand a word off what they're singing
Buena Vista Social Club Presents Ibrahim Ferrer, just love the Cuban music
Argentian Tango Music, in general, to dance to it is great.

And much more but I'll stop to this.


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NOT Perry Como!!!

by DMambo In reply to "Musical Milestones"

I have a bad Perry Como memory. Don't get me started!

For my musical memories, a lot of it came from one of my older brothers. One year he came back from college in the summer with Springsteen's first album. I wore that out. Then, a couple of years later "Born to Run" hit the shelves just as I hit high school. It was saying what I wanted to hear.

A couple of others:
-"Eat A Peach" - I realized how good The Allman Brothers Band was.
-"Dark Side of the Moon"
-"Quadrophenia" - Kind of the same deal as "Born to Run". Helped me realize that there's a whole big world out there with choices to make.
-Dire Straits first album
-U2's first album
-REM's first album

The last 3 came out when I was a little older and was picking music out myself rather than having others feed it to me.

So, pretty much standard rock 'n roll fare for my adolescent time.

As you said - great reminiscing!

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that goes back

by jdclyde In reply to NOT Perry Como!!!

REM, they were all over MTV (back before they stopped playing rock and went to full time "yo mtv raps" crap.)

Darker side of the moon, just started to get my boys into that, and they are hooked solid.

Springsteen, never like a thing he did. Just didn't do it for me. To each their own.

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Well I have a few, but I will put the one that

by j.lupo In reply to "Musical Milestones"

is most in my memory - it was a really funny and happy day.

Theme from Stripes - Marching band competition awards. I was playing a bass sax (if you ever saw one, they are BIG and I was small). It was bigger than me and I had to have wheels on the bottom. We went on the competition field and the Judges say, "Is the band ready" and the band responded "That's the fact Jack" and off we went playing the theme from the movie Stripes. hehehe

Of course the judges on the field would walk right in your path and you had to pretend they weren't there. You should have seen their faces when they saw this little girl playing the big bad bass saxophone and rolling it along, down the line, over the hills, and on their feet. :^)

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Here's Mine ...

by thefrown In reply to "Musical Milestones"

"Whisky in the Jar" Thin Lizzy - got me into Rock at a tender age; never looked back.
"Sheer Heart Attack" Queen - first album.
"Easy Livin'" Uriah Heep - first ever rock gig; blew me away.
"Rocking all Over the World" - Was at Wembley for Live Aid in '85 - oooh Jeez; what a day!
"Kick" INXS - Lent the CD to a girl who was a regular in the pub I used to drink in; finally wound up marrying her!
"Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" The Platters - 1st dance at my wedding with the missus (aah!)
"Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay" - Otis Redding - my Dad loved this style of music, whenever I hear this track I think of him. Miss ya Dad!
"Brown Eyed Girl" - It's just one of those songs that cheers me up; don't know why.
"Geno" Dexy's Midnight Runners - Reminds me of the early 80's, and the good times me and the lads had down Covent Garden when I was footloose and fancy free. (Always preferred "Geno" to "Eileen")
"Shadow Play" Rory Gallagher - used to go to this heavy rock place in North London; the times I had there too ...

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I really on have two that stand out.

by Mickster269 In reply to "Musical Milestones"

"Wishing You Were Here" - Pink Floyd, just in case you didn't know. This one is the one that reminds me of my first love- my High School girlfriend. She was younger than me, so when I went to college, we broke up. But we never stopped talking. We still love(d) each other - but it never fails, that when one of us is available for a relationsip, the other isn't. ("We're just two lost souls swimming in the same fish bowl, year after year")

The other one is Pachabel's Canon. I discovered this piece when I was learning how to play the Violin in 4th grade. As I got better, I progressed from playing 3rd violin, 2nd violin, and finally 1st violin parts. It was played at my HS Graduation.

In college, I was asked to join a quartet to play the Canon at a school function. I got back up to speed on it, played it at the function- and broke my left hand the next day playing football. It was the last piece I ever played.

Since then, I have had it played at my wedding, the birth of my son, the night after my divorce was final, the day I taught my son to drive - it plays intentionally or unintenionally at seemingly every milestone in my life.

Both of those pieces of music stop me dead in my tracks - they bring back a flood of memories, wome wonderful, some bittersweet.

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Syd Barrett

by DMambo In reply to I really on have two that ...

A lot of "Wish You Were Here" was an homage to Syd Barrett, who died this week. He dropped out of Floyd after going a little loopy. I think it was Floyd's way of letting him know that he wasn't forgotten. The band took care of him financially all along. "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" is directed to him.

The silver lining is that David Gilmour took Barrett's place.

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Posted this in another thread but

by Tig2 In reply to I really on have two that ...

worth repeating...

I was in Pike Street market in Seattle years ago watching the guys throw fish (yes, they really THROW fish). That level is considered the seventh level from the hillclimb side. On level three, there is a patio and a concrete chimney is formed by the successive levels.

On the third level, a quartet from the U had set up and were playing. We got closer to listen and they began the Pachebel. For the entire piece, you could hear nothing but the beauty of the music- no cars, no crowd- nothing but the sweetness of a beautiful piece of music beautifully played.

One of the moments of your life that you never forget and wish you could share...

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Making me think on a friday?

by jdclyde In reply to "Musical Milestones"

Well, here goes.

First Album I ever bought was Alice Coopers greatest hits.
First single was the Mamas and Papas, California dreaming.

Significant memories:
Turn the Page, was a fav of my dads. We played it at his funeral. 1983.

Deep cuts the knife, by helix, AND silent night, by BonJovi. 1986/87. Two tapes we listened to a lot when I was with "the one and only". Those two song still make me think of her. Still get a cold stab down my spine when I run into her, after all this time.

Someone Else, by Queensryche. A song that always was a fav of Thing Two's (my boy). Was always good for a quiet snuggle session.

Beethoven's fifth, done in all fart noises. This is always good for getting Thing One (my other boy, twins) to be rolling on the floor, tears down his face, laughing uncontrollably. You should have seen him in the fart scene in "Rocketman"! :^0

Why ain't I bleeding, by LA Guns, 2000, when it all began to go bad, or at least when I found out.

On Your Way Down, by Stabbing Westward. The song starts out:
I hope I see you on your way down
I hope you break every bone
I hope it kills you on your way down
I hope you die alone

Those that know me can take a wild guess who that song makes me think of.

Whole lotta rosie, AC/DC. When I was a rock-n-roll DJ, I would play this because my brother was dating (and later married) Rosie.

Fairies wear boots. Black Sabbath. A good bud ALWAYS wore some buttugly cowboy boots for a few years. ;\ Yeah, that got some air play too!

Morrocan Sunset, by Joe Satriani. Great for road trips or when looking to just sit and be.

It seems there are more special songs for the bad times than the good, or at least that I can remember at this time. Some were just fun, but not many were special in a good way. Will have to think on this.

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I remember the very first record I bought

by Mickster269 In reply to Making me think on a frid ...

And by "record" I mean "45".

There was a new movie out, called "2001: A Space Odyssey" I was fascinated by the theme song "Also sprach Zarathustra" by Strauss. I saved up my allowance, and went to the record store to by the 45.

I rushed home, put the record on the turntable, placed the needle on the record... and heard the unmistakeable opening...

"Ground Control to Major Tom
Ground Control to Major Tom
Take your protein pills and put your helmet on.."

At the age of 10, I had yet to learn how to spellcheck...

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