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My Company Blocks All Downloads !!!!!!

By leslie.haltbakk ·
I suspect that this is becoming more and more common. We need an alternative way to receive information you have in your downloads.

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give it time

by jck In reply to My Company Blocks All Dow ...

it's coming...
it's called GSM mobile telephony...
They have it all over Europe and have for years phones with full motion video and sound.

Verizon just announced they are starting that service.

We're so behind the times...all because our leaders are paid-off to prop up the commercial industries.

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by house In reply to My Company Blocks All Dow ...

They block all downloads? I'd be terribly upset if I couldn't fill my workstation with garbage.

Are the downloads directly related to your job function?


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FTP through HTTP

by WI.Techie In reply to ?!?!

At my work we currently block all FTP traffic. Seems to have cut down on a lot of crap that gets installed to the PC's. Of course it makes FTPing fun through a command prompt.

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