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By Cactus Pete ·
Where did this menu bar go?

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by Cactus Pete In reply to "My discussions"


Found it

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But I will ask...

by Cactus Pete In reply to "My discussions"

Is there a page with a list of planned changes? Or ones that have occurred?

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We usually tag them "site improvements"

by sMoRTy71 In reply to But I will ask...

Here is a link to the tag results page for "site improvements." I generally tag upcoming items that way.

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Hey Smorty

by Dr Dij In reply to We usually tag them "site ...

I just hate it when in a long discussion, you post a comment then hit 'return to discussion' and you are at the top, instead of where you were and have to scroll thru tons of posts to find where you were.

It would be great if it would remember where I was and take me back there.

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Site Improvements

by Cactus Pete In reply to Hey Smorty

First, Thanks smorty.

I believe that a couple of generations ago the site did just what you liked, Doc.

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Open in new window

by jdclyde In reply to Hey Smorty

Whenever I have a post I want to respond to, I open the post option in a new tab. After posting I close that tab and am back where I started.

It saves the whole page from having to reload for some of the larger discussions.

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by Cactus Pete In reply to We usually tag them "site ...

I clicked on the top result and found that the page is restricted...

Might I suggest that I not be able to return an item in the query if I don't have permissions to view it?

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