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    My In-Built Crystal Eye WebCam on Acer Aspire One NetBook stopped operating


    by natalidali ·

    Though it is listed in the devices, it is for some reason seen as USB device, however it is inbuilt, and no extra USB cameras were ever connected to this computer. It used to work fine on my netbook, but after a series of intrusions the Recovery Option of the whole system refused to operate, and the webcam could not be started anymore. No numerous reinstallations of official Acer drivers and Windows helped – it is now seen as MicroSoft USB device (though the actual manufacturer is Suyin or LiteOn – I’m not sure about mine), and it is said to be working properly when tested in the Disc Management options. The driver refuses to be replaced with those downloaded and rar-extracted from Acer support, and I cannot change anything about it. When trying to run the webcam the error box says that it cannot generate preview images and leads me to the pictures folder which is empty. The folder “My Pictures” is empty too as recommended by some other forums I have surfed trying to get the answer to my question.

    Please, help me solve this problem.

    Thank you.

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      by natalidali ·

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      Well just the obvious things here

      by oh smeg ·

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      Is the Web Cam Turned off? With the Aspire 1’s they have a key switch combination on the Keyboard to turn off the Web Cam to save power when it is not required.

      If the system itself is working fine otherwise that would be my starting point but to be perfectly honest I have had to junk a lot of Aspire 1’s over the past 6 or so months due to them failing at the hardware level. However here the Web Cam being listed as a USB Device is perfectly correct as that is exactly what it is and if it’s turned off the test will show it working perfectly as the test at best only checks the Software Drivers for the hardware.

      But if the OS is so screwed up I would suggest using a Utility Like Boot & Nuke available free here

      Darik’s Boot and Nuke – DBAN

      Or Kill Disc

      To wipe the HDD and destroy anything on it and then reload from the Acer Recovery Media. Some Infections can survive a Format of the HDD and many more will survive a reinstall without a format to reinfect the system again.

      But make sure before using any of the above listed wiping utilities that you have the Acer Recovery Media available or you will be left with a blank HDD that looks like a new Unformatted HDD to the system and you will not be able to get it working till you get the Recovery Media.


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