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My Leave of Absence from TR

By BFilmFan ·
Sorry to have missed everyone for nearly a month here. I have moved from Florida to Arizona, after accepting a position as a technical director with the military. I am wading through email that has been sent to me and will be correpsonding more shortly.

If anyone is particularly interested, I have moved to Bisbee, Arizona, which is an old mining town where the Copper Queen Mine and Hotel are located. I am living in a haunted (I've already had several strange experiences such as coming home and finding lights off and the closet doors open. This has continued to happen even after replacing the locks on the outside doors and the closet doors!) former brothel (and all you ladies can quit snickering now...I mean it...stop it...I will sick my pet hooker ghost on you...I will...I swear I will...).

Pictures from the trip out here, the new city and home and anything else that struck me as interesting are up at

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I hope it works out for you

by AV . In reply to My Leave of Absence from ...

A former Brothel? Wow. It sure sounds like you picked an interesting place to live. I'm not sure if you're married or not but . . . .

I lived in a haunted house once and will never forget the experience. Hopefully you'll have friendly ghosts (no pun intended).

Isn't it hard to move from Florida to Arizona? I mean, looking at your pictures, Arizona has great sky but it isn't lush like Florida. I've always lived near the ocean and think it would be hard for me not to be somewhat close to it. Then again, these days, I don't know if I would want to live in Florida.

Good luck to you. No. Oh ****, can I say it? Ok. If your new position doesn't work out you can always have a Grand Reopening.

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by jck In reply to My Leave of Absence from ...

can I come visit?

Can you get AIDS from a hooker ghost?

BTW...if you're near Phoenix...go to Mr. Beer events...

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by Surflover In reply to My Leave of Absence from ...

I once bought a house from a lady whose husband died the day they moved into the house... she lived there for 25 years before selling it to me... my kids reported many "sightings" in the basement (but I never experienced any first hand)... I often wondered if the basement was just "creepy" (but it was completely finished)... I have to admit, I never felt comfortable down there by myself (even before they started telling me of seeing strange things)...

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That's so cool!

by ITgirli In reply to My Leave of Absence from ...

I want to visit! I love doing ghost hunts. You should invite us all over for tea.

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Now that

by jdclyde In reply to My Leave of Absence from ...

is a house with a "rich" history!

Mine was just a boring old farm house. No one even died in it or anything. (sigh)

hope your car has good air conditioning. My sinuses could sure use moving out there. I would just miss the snow at Christmas time, but being a florida resident you wouldn't know what I am talking about as you decorate your cactus instead of a palm tree for Chrismas?

Best of luck.


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Ahhh Bisbee

by beads In reply to My Leave of Absence from ...

I know the area well. I was once stationed at Fort Huachuaca (probable spelling error but close enough), myself.

Bisbee and the surronding area is rife with old ghost stories, etc. So, I am not surprised.

Hey! You may not have heard this yet but there are caves on the back side of Huachuca that lead down past the border to Mexico. Probably sealed by now as its been a long time.

Other stupid tidbit. Seen any mini blimps, lately? We used to watch for illegals trying to cross the border with high tech cameras. Oh speaking of "spooks". Your in the right place! For those of you who don't know much about our little known military fort down on the border with Mexico its where we get to try out many of our newest intelligence goodies as well as being the Army's school for Military Intelligence.

- beads

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