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My Location is NOT Unknown!!!

By JohnOfStony ·
Dear TechRepublic,
On behalf of all non-USA residents, please update your software so that it doesn't label us non-USA residents as "Location unknown". At the very least you should be able to display the country. I certainly filled in my full address when I joined and would be perfectly happy to have my city displayed in the Location field.
As a matter of interest, what proportion of TechRepublic members are resident in the USA?
A slightly belated Happy New Year to all members.

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it would be nice

by Tink! In reply to My Location is NOT Unknow ...

to know where EVERYONE was from. We have such an eclectic mix, it would be cool to know where the most active posters are from. Plus it'd help clarify some of the "language barriers" =-)

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Proud Citizen

by Dr Dij In reply to it would be nice

of Earth!

and I like to buy products made on Earth!
(thanks, Futurama)

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I just assume everyone is

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to My Location is NOT Unknow ...

guilty of being american until proven otherwise.
Still unknown or not at least you get in the prize draw unlike us reactionary imperialists.

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