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My old rig crashed.....

By Gunnar Klevedal ·
Long lost love

When my old friend was no more, you came to me, and I cherished you.

At first I looked at you from behind. Familiar yes, but not quite the same.

When I turned you around, my eyes saw sights I never did see.

Heavy yes, but I can still manage the kind of yours. Weight on the other hand never was a sure sign of potential or possibilities.

When you came to me, they said you were a virgin. It?s obvious though, that someone was there before me. I don?t mind ? I save some time and effort.

But really, some of your luggage bothers me ? strange and different ? and I ain?t got time to find out sufficiently about it. Sure I wish to encompass all of you and all that is thine and will be thine.

Some of my work is fifteen years old, and I realize you get the hiccups when I let you taste it. You don?t know anything of my work, my plans, or my dreams, yet. We will know each other by and by. Will I learn to think like you, or will you become my obnoxious slave?

I thought I would never love again, and never relive the happy days of the eighties. My projects are obsolete, my dreams not. I won?t turn back the hands of time. But I am unsure, when the roadmap no longer starts with a semicolon [

Tribute goes to Niklaus Wirth

My old PC crashed. Got me another, with a new different operating system, different applications. Unfamiliar, uncomfortable, miserable and lost. Too many new facts. Too much to chew, too much to swallow And I can?t spit it out now.
Abundant information is heavy on me. Should I indulge, should I abandon?
What think you?

Gunnar Klevedal

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ahh, typical

by Jaqui In reply to My old rig crashed.....

ms user, doesn't like anything new.

switch over to linux, then you would have far more new stuff to learn.
then start complaining about how different everything is.

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Guess you're right

by Gunnar Klevedal In reply to ahh, typical

Guess I will switch over to LINUX when it gets a little more momentum.
What rig do I need?

(Yes Deepsand, 'Wrong forum')

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The nice part of linux is that it can

by Dumphrey In reply to Guess you're right

be run on anything from a 486 to a multi-quad-core beast. Really, a 2Ghz processor and 512Mb ram should be considered the min for a modern disto with a GUI. This can be had from Retrobox for $80-$180 (used, but working). Running Linux in a virtual Machine is also a very good way to get a feel for the OS.

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Jaqui you are an evil, evil man.

by sleepin'dawg In reply to ahh, typical

Now introduce him to dual boot systems and complete his transition to the dark side!!! ]:)

Dawg :^O

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Bad, bad....

by cp7212 In reply to Jaqui you are an evil, ev ...

But hey, if you're going to do it right....dual boot MS AND Linux. Muhahaha....

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