My P5K(Motherboard) ethernet makes windows xp not starting

By glazee ·
Hi i have this problem that when i have the ethernet activated on my motherboard and have the drivers installed i cant start up my computer it only comes to the windows boot screen but then the loading bar stops and moves extremely slow but i never get into windows xp... plz someone know what the problem might be?

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Sounds like a collision

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to My P5K(Motherboard) ether ...

When you attempt to boot up, the computer would be trying to obtain an IP address through the NIC. If it has trouble getting one because another computer on the network already has that same IP number, you'll get what's called a collision, meaning two devices with the same IP.

Are you on a domain/network of computers, or just at home with the computer connected to DSL/CABLE for internet access?

If you're at home, try booting into safe mode, then go to the network setup and make sure it's set to obtain an IP automatically and not set to STATIC.

If you're on a domain/network, you may need to have the domain administrator take a look at it.

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Is this your M'Board?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to My P5K(Motherboard) ether ...

If it is try loading the LAN Drivers and booting without the CAT 5 Cable connected. Does it still not boot?

If so get the latest drivers from ASUS which is currently busy so I can not give you a URL.

However if it boots without a CAT 5 Cable connected follow the above suggestion about setting the unit to Auto Detect it's IP Address.


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y it is

by glazee In reply to Is this your M'Board?

that is my motherboard and ive tried to pull out the cable before booting but it still doesnt work and it doesnt have anything to do with a network ip collision.

I will try to get the latest drivers. I just changed from windows xp 64-bit to the 32-bit and it worked fine in the 64-bit version so i wonder if this motherboard p5k is only made for vista because that would be really weird...

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another thing

by glazee In reply to Is this your M'Board?

it feels like windows cant initialize the ethernet drivers because as soon as i install the drivers inside the operating system everything slows up and all i can do is barely move around the mouse but definitly not do anything else its really strange.

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Which Driver are you using

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to another thing

If it is a 64 Bit Driver that will not work on a 32 Bit OS and it will cause the problem that you are having. The same will happen if you are using Vista Drivers.

You need this driver located here

It should be the first driver displayed on the page but check to make sure that you get the right one.

The M'Board has Drivers for XP & XP 64 so it works with XP. Though you may need other drivers if you are using a Dell, HP, Gateway or the Like Recovery Disc. You need a M$ OEM Install Disc to load the system.


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by glazee In reply to Which Driver are you usin ...

thats where i get the drivers yes but i have them already. I believe that you need to run vista to make use of this motherboard because drivers are bad for windows xp...

atm i am choosing to live with a network card in a pci slot and that would be it and oh i bought 4 gb ram for my computer but when im using xp it seems to destabilize when i use 4x 1gb cards so i have to live with using only 2 gb ram even thou thats quite much anyways...

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Re: My P5K(Motherboard) ethernet makes windows xp not starting

You might need to update your motherboard bios and drivers including the Lan drivers. I hope all works out for you.

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