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    My Profile Location


    by skidoggeruk ·

    At the risk of sounding dumb.

    How do I set my location in my profile?!?

    I have stuck UK in the address details and I continue to come up “No Location specified”.

    Is there somewhere else I should be settings this up? Or am I being thick?

    Thanks in advance

    P.S. How bored are you all on a Friday?

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      It’s not obvious

      by Jay Garmon ·

      In reply to My Profile Location

      Don’t feel bad. We need to do a better job of associating these two profile components. To resent your location, click on the My Account link at the extreme upper right of any TechRepublic page. Log in, and you will see your full CNET member registration profile, including your location. Update that, and in a matter of hours (sorry, we’re on a delayed cache cycle), your TR profile should pull in that CNET data.

      Yes, we realize this is ALL painfully counterintuitive, but we’re working on it.


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