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NASA Might move forward with launch

By DMambo ·

Despite potentially not having all fuel sensors operational, NASA might proceed with the space shuttle launch next week. Do you think they are going overboard on trying to mitigate every possible risk? After all, we're talking travel outside Earth's boundaries, which is inherently dangerous. What if the Pheonecians scrubbed ship launch every time a group failed to return? Would the Mediterranean region have been explored?

Or are the benefits of space exploration so small that it's not worth risking lives. What are we even getting from this out-dated shuttle program?

Would you go, or would you feel that your children should take the risk on space shuttle fights?

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Shuttle Program

by BFilmFan In reply to NASA Might move forward w ...

The government is loathe to admit that it is flying an antique into space with outdated technology. Astronauts lives are obviously cheap as neither the President, the VP, the Congress nor the director of NASA has stepped forward and said no more and permanently grounded the fleet and demanded a new solution be developed.

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They should hold off. It's not worth it.

by TomSal In reply to NASA Might move forward w ...

First as you guys mentioned -- the current shuttle program was great --- 30 years ago. Now, in 2005 with our current technology, they are pretty much the equivalent of Model T's. Oh yeah and there is also that slight issue that its FRIGGIN EXPENSIVE AS **** to launch a shuttle.

So they need to really step up a few notches on working on a complete replacement of the shuttle program -- one that is MUCH more cost effective, yet safer at the same time.


I know that the scientists that have their turn at their experiment going up in the shuttle on the next launch and the companies that are sponsoring whatever experiment this month really REALLY are eager for the next the launch to take place. However, its not worth human lives. Granted everyone knows being an astronaut is a dangerous job and sure they take and accept the risks involved in the profession. But to take un-needed risks is irresponsible at best and at worse its greedy, cold-hearted and stupid.

Its not like we are making HUGE progress in space anyway -- we aren't saving our planet from emminent destruction, we aren't building a colony on the moon, we aren't on the verge of contacting another civilization light years away.

Just my 2 cents.

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NASA is like NASCAR??

by DMambo In reply to They should hold off. It' ...

Just going in a big circle and nobody shows much interest unless there's a crash? Wasting tons of resources for no real benefit? Only NASCAR seems a lot more popular these days.

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More NASA News - $35 Billion

by DMambo In reply to NASA Might move forward w ...

The House of Representatives passed a funding bill for NASA for nearly $35 Billion for 2 years. That's enought to fund the Iraq war for almost 6 months!!! Is is worth the expense to begin a program to send manned missions to Mars?

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