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By currera500 ·
I would like to know what you would do if this happen to you. I stayed on to work for a medical office after building the entire remote network. I was out of work due to a back injury. The doctor felt that the system should work forever without anyone around to look after it,or he could keep it working (ha,ha,ha,he has no knowledge of computers).I told him that I would work on a contract bais for him for a small monthly feeof ($1,400.00) just to maintain the network. He agreed to it,and the understanding is that i am just on call for the system. Well his wife thought that if I was on the payroll to work on the computers and they were working fine,that I should be working for her doing whatever she needed me to do ie: painting,cleaing,detailing her car or whatever.I told her noway. that this was just for the computers.Well she convinced her husband as long as the system was working and I din not want to do what she wanted that I did not need to be on the payroll. But now the system hasproblems and she wants me to come out and fix it for what she wants to pay me (11.00 per hour)no travel time no milage no nothing .How would you handle this, Please help.

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You with integration!

by areets In reply to Need Advice

You know your value within the market, so stick by it as long as it doees not affect overall business.

You have the knowledge. If they go else where, the repercussions are greater. If she does not know, then ensure that she does.

I have had many 2 to 8-user clients (NGOs), and I have offered services at good value, but of course, I did myself out of work. That gives me self-satisfaction. Do not lose that.

Set things out clear of how business is to be conducted betweeen you and client and take it from there.


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Tell her

by madroxxx In reply to Need Advice

To take a flying leap. Of course you can put it in a more apropriate tone.

Explain that her husband time as a doctor is valuable becuase of what he knows and yours is too. If she thinks she can get it done for $11.00 an hour then she should be welcome to.

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You need a contract

by Oz_Media In reply to Need Advice

I don't know how that kind of confusion can be happening AFTER you had a mutual agreement to stay on as an on-call tech, unless you didn't write a contract.
For a small office it doesn't have to be fancy, just a clear understanding of your role andduties.

For a dentists office, I apologize to all dentists, they are the WORST people other than lawyers to do business with. Belive me, we work with literally hundreds of them in my day job.

Trying to get the wallet out of their pockets is like well, shall we say, pulling teeth?

Sorry you have found yourself in this position, I really am, but don't you think your time is worth more than 11 bucks an hour? I wouldn't even work at a gas station for that coin! Not that I'm some super tech that is worth millions but I wouldn't work for less than $19.00/hr for anyone.
This is 2003, you have skills, people that DON'T have skills can pay those who do.
Once you tell them to get stuffed, they'll be kicking themselves for letting you walk, it costs a LOT more than that to call in a tech. In Vancouver, BC, my time and charges for on-site service start at $125.00 hr.
They may be Doctors but they aren't very clever.

Good luck in you future endeavors, I'd let these guys burn.

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by Cactus Pete In reply to Need Advice

Why don't you offer to work for 11/hr provided that you bill in [minimum] 128 hr increments/month. Anything above 128 hrs per month would still only be 11/hr, so she'd be getting a great deal!

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by Cactus Pete In reply to Sure

Does this client have a lawyer on retainer? It is the same principle... You just need to explain this to them, and as others have mentioned - get a signed contract.

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by Cactus Pete In reply to Seriously

It just hit me that you were saying 'payroll'... Were you actually on the payroll, or were you a consultant?

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A great deal!

by zlitocook In reply to Need Advice

I wish I could find a office complex that would let me do something like that! But first you need a contract in writing, sure a handshake is more personable and friendly but it will be a pain in court. Tell the person that if you are sick or unable to come when called you will send a person to help them but you need a detailed contract to inform them what you have done. And what they expect to be done when a contractor comes to thier office. If the wife asked me to do home repair I would show her my computer contract and give her a list of my friends who need work.

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Firstly as you have decided

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Need Advice

To delete any reference to your self I don't know which country you are in however as the agreement has been terminated which I suspose was nothing more than an Hand Shake agreement and you actually arn't presently involved in maintaining that computer system they you have 2 choices work for this pitence {Which I personally would not consider} or give them the proper rates from my personal experience no one appreciates a cheep job and they always complain about whatever work that you have performed. So you either charge the RIGHT PRICE for the job and give them the oportinuty to try eleswhere or you could always do it for free.

You know what you set up and how it is setup and what its weaknesses are so you have the advantage over any others who come in to try to fix the thing up but if this Doctor wants to try some one else then just let him as whoever actually comes in other than yourself will have to take longer to do the job and will cost far more than what you would have cost. But if they do agree to get you back get it in writing with a proper contract this time.

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