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    Need Cisco advice, manual, instruction, websites, etc.


    by cory ·

    Hello TechRepublic. New to the site. Wondering if anybody can steer me to some web information that I can follow to learn how to do set up a sort of test bench in my small office which would allow me to console to a Cisco switch, router, firewall, etc. and the various other machines that Cisco makes. I have a need to learn how to plug things in and do basic tests on the machines through Windows Hyperterminal or if there is some sort of disk software that I load into the PC and it does some testing?

    I typically get Cisco switches like the 1900, 2900, 3500, 4000, 5000, 6000 to come in here as well as various routers like the 1700, 2500, 2600, 3600, 3700, 7200, etc. and would like to hook them up and run simple commands to make sure things work and are ready for resale. I am a reseller but haven’t worked with Cisco equipment very much and when I have needed these tested in the past it has cost me some money to have a certified shop put them through thte tests but I know that I can do much of it myself. Any advice or sites that are specific in the detail from start to finish? I have the PCs, the monitors, one console cable. Thanks.

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      by mbenitez ·

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      First thing you should do is collect the boot messages (the entire boot sequence) to a file so that you can go through it and parse out any error messages. has TONS of good info from bypassing passwords, to an output reader.

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