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Need client to launch and run a batch file on a W2003 server

By OrangeStripe ·
I am working in a Microsoft Access 2000 database application for a client machine. I would like to be able to have the client launch and run a batch file located on Windows 2003 server. The batch file launches several PL/SQL processing programs. The client machine can not run any PL/SQL, instead it must launch it on the server and have the server run the code. Using ?Call Shell()? does not work in this case as it wants to run the PL/SQL code on the client. Any ideas on to do this? Thanks.

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Custom Server?

You didn't say anything about the environment (like if it's all happening on a SOHO network, on an enterprise intranet, or across the internet. The environment will determine how to perform the activity.

If you aren't using the built-in Windows utilities like RPC (Remote Procedure Call) Server or IIS (Internet Information Server) - you'll probably need to create your own server app to listen for the request, authenticate and authorize it, and execute it.

If you choose a roll-your-own option - you need to make sure that you've handled all of the necessary security considerations. Very few, if any, independent developers have the expertise and resources necessary to perform this kind of due dilligence.

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