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Need feedback: "People" page mock-up

By sMoRTy71 ·
OK, as promised, I am posting a mock-up of the upcoming page that will allow you find search and browse for member profiles. Basically, the page will show you a search interface (where you can find members by alias), a list of most-popular interests and technologies (where you can see all members who share that interest or technology), your full contacts list, a list of recently-update profiles and a list of the Top 10 members (with a link to the Top 100).

The "View all interests/technologies" links below the top interests/technologies section will take you to a page that displays all of the member-submitted interests, the number of members who share that interest and a checkbox to allow you to add many interests to your profile at one time.

The idea is to make it easier to find members to add to your Contacts and to find Interests and Technologies to add to your Profiles. A secondary goal of the page is to demonstrate that this is an active community with high-value members. Take a look and let me know what you all think:

We are tentatively calling this the "People" page; however, I am not sure that is the best name. I don't want to call it "Members" because that sounds like it is a member's only area. And I don't want to use "Directory" because that sounds like nothing more than a list of member names. Another idea, which I don't hate, is the name "Profiles."

So, in addition to giving us feedback on the page itself, I would love to hear ideas about the naming of the feature. People? Members? Profiles? Something else?

Let me know. Thanks,

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by Oz_Media In reply to Need feedback: "People" p ...

YAAAAAY! I was bithin and swearing at you guys all morning, doublt triple and quadrouple posts due to server not reponding, time outs and no posts after typing long responses. MAN I was pissed, then I noticed it was Thursday and you must be updating. A few minutes later, TR opens without a sigle hiccup, the page is just THERE in front of you and with MY DISCUSSIONS BACK !!!!!


Now as for your mockup....

I personally like th elook and feel of it but I have been having problems with it too.

I have been receiving QUITE A LOT of peer mail with questions. People are just looking at my interests and per mailing me instead of using Tech Q&A. They also don't realize that you can't reply to peer mail and they hardly ever include an address for reply.

It is REALLY annoying to opn my mail and have 8 or 10 questions from peers that I can't reply to and furthermore SHOULDN'T reply to. They aren't people who have posted to Tech Q&A and are looking for MORE information on a response I've offered, they are complately bypassing it as if I have a PLEASE CONTACT ME WITH YOUR ISSUES link or something.

I have seen similar on other sites where if you have a question, you look for the people associated with the problem and email them, I don't want this from TR and will quickly ditch my peer contact link if it continues.

I know it isn't YOUR fault, but it seems to be a result of adding my Interests to my profile page.

Funny enough, nobody has asked about Ford trucks or Bosche parts yet.

But Tech Q&A is now becoming "Email this guy for an answer". While it promotes community, it also promotes peer mail full of questions.

I have received other friendly peer emails lately too that I cannot reply to, people don't realize that peer mail has no reply feature and they need to add an email address. Perhaps adding some copy at the peer mail link would help.

"Please use Technical Q&A for you questions, so that everyone can benefit from the replies.

The peer you are contacting cannot 'reply' to peer mail sent through this website, please ensure you add your email address if you need a response."

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to MY DISCUSSIONS IS BACK!!! ...

Instead of having a T Q&A section we could just have Ask OZ and Chas it would free you the servers no end not to mention not needing to award Tech Points to question posters.

SMoRTy71 I'm sure both The Chas and OZ would be happy with this arraignment particuarly as they are both listed twice on your mock up page. :)

Must be their split personalities showing through.

Col ]:)

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by Oz_Media In reply to What a GOOD IDEA

Bugger off, mate!

I can just see it, 2000 questions emailed to me each week with MAYBE 5 addresses to respond to.

No thanks. Now if people just want to email me for opinions instead of starting discussions.... :)

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Not the case OZ

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Yeah

TR will be sending you the Peers E-Mail address so you can respond to each and every question.

I'd be looking at a couple of K a day actually so between you and Chas you will be taking over the T Q&A section so we'll have no more server delays. :)

Of course it will mean that you 2 will become the unpaid TR Help line but think of it this way it will give you something to do!

Col ]:)

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I Like It

by willcomp In reply to Need feedback: "People" p ...

Looks good to me. Call it People, Profiles, TR Trolls, or anything that turns your screw. Information (ease of finding, in particular) is my main concern.

I complained about lack of return e-mail addresses in peer messages a while back. Oz finally noticed also (probably too busy metering his thingy profile). It's presenting a real problem. We seem unresponsive to real problems. Sure, some are blatant bypasses of the system, but most I get are from people needing help with a TQ&A response.


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another "metoo"

by apotheon In reply to I Like It

I like it, too. It's pretty clear and easy to use, from the look of it. Unfortunately, I don't have any suggestions for a name for it at this time.

My only problem with the mockup, really, is that you need to mention me more. Yep. I'm just that important.

Or not.

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metoo squared - I feel special

by house In reply to another "metoo"

I was a little bit hurt to find that my name was not in the example given. I looked about ten times, but still no dice.

sniff... sniff...


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You can have on eof my spots,

by Oz_Media In reply to metoo squared - I feel sp ...

I seme to be able to spare one. LOL


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Well it could be worse Chris

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to metoo squared - I feel sp ...

You could find you're self listed with an old Avatar which everyone complained about. :)

I suppose OZ and his ilk will be insisting that me eye is still following them around the room. ]:)


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by Oz_Media In reply to Well it could be worse Ch ...

That one fits perfectly, who could argue Hal as your avatar?

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