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Need feedback: Three quick ideas

By sMoRTy71 ·
OK, so now that we've got this Contacts thing out in the wild, we've noticed a few things that need to be added or tweaked. Here are a couple of ideas that I'd love to get some quick feedback on:

1. Search for contacts
Instead of trying to hunt and peck through threads to find a person's profile page, I'd like to allow the ability to search for a member based on their alias, interests or technology supported.

I've been going nuts trying to find all of my contacts to add. Seems like this would really help

2. List of all recent post by your contacts
I am thinking that it would be really cool to create a page that displays all of the posts (with most recent first) by all of the people on your contacts list.

So if you have Oz Media, The Chas, house and apotheon on your contacts list, you could easily keep track of their posts without having to go to each of their discussion tabs.

We could even create a little box on the discussion front door that exposes the lastest 5 or 10 with a link to all.

3. View all member interests
Would it be helpful to have a page that displayed all of the interests and technology implemented values that other members have created and gave you an opportunity to add a bunch to your profile at once?

Imagine a page that lists all of the interests (with the ones you already have preselected). Each interest has a checkbox and the number of members that share that interest.

At the bottom of the page, there is an "Add these to my profile" button.

Let me know what you all think. Thanks,

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Good ideas

by BFilmFan In reply to Need feedback: Three quic ...

Sounds like good ideas to me.

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Like 1 and 3

by Oz_Media In reply to Need feedback: Three quic ...

I like the idea of 1 (much like the peer directory was but searchable by alias, this wassomething that I didn't like about the peerpage before).

Number 3 is also good if you are interestsed in who else likes to ski, play game etc. Although I don't think I'd use it much, if at all, I think some members would see a benfit.

2 I am REALLY unsure about that one.

Here's a problem I see. It has not been uncommon for people to jump in a thread just to help one peer flame another without actually joining the discussion, just peer support whether they really agree or not.

I think it would be abused and used by people who just want to form little grade school alliances and hep hammer a point home.

It would be MUCH mroe beneficial to just see a list of your OWN most recently changed discussions. THere should also be a 'stop monitoring this thread' link so those four year old discussions don't keep popping up becausesomeone hit it through a search enine and added to it. There are a couple well over 2000 posts and to wait (even with a 5meg connection) for it to load all the posts so you can scroll down and see some guy has JUST singed up in order to say "Me Too", is a real pain in the butt.

But I find many people here are just WAY to petty and childish to properly use a list of contacts posts. It will turn into gang warfare here in no time.

Example: I could add my contacts, say Jules646 and HAL9000 and because I like these guys, I could make a day out of simply suporting theri posts and arguing the opponents JUST to back them and gang up on someone else, whether I actually agreed or not, which we already see, quite often even without the quick link.

I say bad idea. Sorry.

Thse others would be great though!

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I Like all 3

by TheChas In reply to Like 1 and 3

Believe it or not Oz, I just might want to look at threads you had recently posted to for insite, humor, or ammunition for my own warped ideas.

Yes, we might see a little more of friends jumping in to aid their comrades. Is that really bad?

If there was a list of recent postings I had made to the Q&A section, that could save Colin some time.

(I'll take some time off here soon, I promise.)


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Chas I'm not holding my breath

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I Like all 3
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A week off

by TheChas In reply to Chas I'm not holding my b ...


Enough is enough.

I will take a week off from answering TQ&A questions.

Starting Wednesday February 9th 2005, I will limit myself to 3 specific conditions in the Technical Q&A section for 7 days.

1. Questions directly addressed to me.
It would be rude to ignore these.

2. Older questions where my previous answer has been rejected and the peer needs additional information.

3. Questions where a peer has sent me peer mail or an email requesting my assistance.

Otherwise, starting at 11PM Eastern Standard Time on Tuesday Feb. 8th until Wednesday Feb. 16th, I will not answer questions.

Have at it.

No guarantee that I will find a life in the interim.


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by Oz_Media In reply to A week off

Will you then be providing these 'said' peer mailes for those you just can't bear to not answer?

And what will you do for the questions Colin doesn't want to have a hot at but you may?

I smell something really fishy going down here, you haven't got my bet yet. I'm sticking to horses until you can iron out these daunting issues.

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Time off

by TheChas In reply to Scam


I do need to take a break from a number of things in my life.

Colins promptings have caused me to start with the TQ&A. A week away won't hurt anyone.

As to responding to emails about questions.
My original thought was to look at and answer a question IF a peer emailed and asked for help.
I think I like your idea better.
So in the spirit of staying away, "IF" I have something to add to a question sent to me, I will respond with an email back to the specific peer.

As to open questions, or those with poor answers, I will stick to the promise and not answer any questions before the 16th.

Fair enough?


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I was only joking Chas

by Oz_Media In reply to Time off

Hey, I really don't mind what you choose to do, I was just having some fun.

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Chas I'm not really worried

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to A week off

I just can not resist having a dig.

I'm not actually worried and you have picked a time when I'm very busy as well so which one of my staff is giving the the "Hot Goss" on me?


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Perhaps another time

by TheChas In reply to Chas I'm not really worri ...

Sorry to hear that I did not pick a good time for you.

Not to fear, if things go well, I will take another break or 2 again this year.


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