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Need Help in Web Form data transfer

By bheite ·
An engineer I work with has asked me to come up with some HTML web forms, people can fill in, that will email him a .csv file and post the latest data-filled copy on the web site. I tried Front Page 2003, but the "web bot" errors out with a 404 Not Found/norbots message. When I tried to scrap the page and went to a simple 3 item form, it changed its tune to HTTP 405 - Resource not allowed
Internet Information Services
which apparently means that the MIIS is not configured to work with the web bot from FP. Many places blame this on corrupt or incorrectly installed FP Extensions, but our IT support is not willing to touch them (this is a virtual server with several web portals on it). I just want to take the web form data, plunk it into a csv file and send. I have a basic form that will send me data as "text/plain" but I wanted to know if anyone knows how I can get it as .csv? I also do not know if PHP is installed or if CGI scripting is enabled, so if we could avoid that it would be better, but I am open to all ideas. Thanks!

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by TyroneD In reply to Need Help in Web Form dat ...

I honestly believe that HTML cannot handle such complex requests. From my experiences, I would highly recommend you find out if PHP is installed and enabled because PHP will definitely make it easier to achieve your goal. Most servers usually have PHP installed and enabled but it won't hurt to ask your IT Support. I've pasted couple of links for you to check out:

Good luck!

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by bheite In reply to

Sorry, I need to avoid any extra 3rd party software, as this will be used within a corporate environment. It appears that there is a problem with the FP extensions on the server and the FP2003 page I set up. I am trying to find out if there is any way to get around it, or alternatively, I am trying to get PHP installed or CGI extensions enabled. It seems that there are just not a lot of ways to transfer form data other than those three. Thanks for the answer though.

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by bheite In reply to Need Help in Web Form dat ...

Thanks, I will have to look into those and see if a test form will work with PHP. I was leaning into that myself, as I have yet tofind a way to get the csv file without either server side routines, or PHP or CGI scripting.

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by dawgit In reply to Need Help in Web Form dat ...

Not a plug for Microsoft here but since your are working in that enviroment, ask if they are using MS.NET. I'm sure that it will be available for you. Here's why, MicroSoft has ASP.NET that does just what your talking about (see: for info) and it will work into your envirom?nt. Also for info on the whole .NET Platform see:
Have fun :-)

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by dawgit In reply to

I just saw this:
"Centralize site design with ASP.NET 2.0 master pages." (From the Tech-Rep.)
( )
by Tony Patton | Published: 4/4/06
I do belive this will help. -d

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by R. A. Caluste In reply to Need Help in Web Form dat ...

Use javascript that will iterate through all form fields (put it outside the form tags), concatenate all values with a comma, and use that single string as value for your hidden form field inside your form tags. It will send you your text/plain but in a comma-delimited format.

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