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Need LCD monitor help

By mysfit420 ·
Lately I have been experiencing a very annoying problem with my monitor. Colors seem to be faded and shimmer on and off from time to time, and do not look like they should. Colors also shifts from one color to another, mostly to a redish color in a shimmering effect. I switched monitors to see if the problem was with the computer or the monitor itself and the second monitor that I tested was of a different model and it did not have the problem. The monitor that was experiencing the problem is a Mag Innovation 18.1 multi-scan TFTLCD color monitor. My operating system is WinXP and the Video Card is a ATI Radeon 128MB 9600 series. This problem occured two days after I updated my video drivers from the ATI web-site.

Any help towards fixing this troubling problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help given.

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Need LCD monitor help

A few things to try:
1. Do you have a Monitor driver installed for your LCD or is it using a Default Monitor driver?

3. Have you tried changing settings in the Display Control Panel? Eg colour management etc. May sure you have ATI advanced control panel installed.

2. Can you revert to your old ATI 9600 drivers?

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by TheChas In reply to Need LCD monitor help

I doubt that this is a driver problem.
When video drivers have problems, it is usually with software, especially games.

As a final check, connect your Mag monitor to a different PC and see if the colors look faded there too.

If they do, I suspect that the back light lamp on your monitor is failing.

It could be the lamp itself, or the power supply for the lamp.

I haven't had a LCD monitor to open up, so I don't know if either part is user replaceable.

Even if they are easy to replace, just getting parts can be a problem.

If the monitor is still under warranty, take it in for service.


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by mysfit420 In reply to Need LCD monitor help

The monitor in question was tested on another PC and the color was fine. I doubt the Driver upgrade performed two days prior had anything to do with it, due to the fact that I had no problem during those two days with extensive use from the monitor. The problem just sort of came out of the blue.

Thanks for the replies so far.

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by mysfit420 In reply to Need LCD monitor help

And for the Monitor Driver that I am using, as far as I know it is the default as I have never installed any other.

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by mysfit420 In reply to Need LCD monitor help

Would an electrical problem in the area have anything to do with what is causing the problem? I heard of something like that where an electrical problem could mess with the frequency of the monitor. Any comments?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Need LCD monitor help

2 cents.
my lazy technique for deciding: driver or hardware? is this:
boot in safe mode. if problem still exists, look at hardware for cause. if problem goes away, look at driver. you have effectively done this test the hard way by taking to another computer.
yes, electrical could cause this. magnets, induction motors. has anything changed in the area? if this monitor is under warranty i'd be trying very hard to reproduce this at will then i'd call for warranty replacement

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