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Need suggestions for IM

By Old Guy ·
Let me say on the front end that I don't like any of the IM messengers that I've seen. I keep fighting tooth and nail to keep them off the machines in our organization. However, my son is wanting to use one to communicate with his girl friend who lives about 600 miles away. (Long story).

Before my daughter went to university we had AIM installed and it seemed ok. However, this new AIM Triton looks like it's chocked full of a bunch of stuff I don't think I would like on the home computer.

Which IM do you guys think would be the least intrusive?

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If you must use an IM, use ICQ

by Absolutely In reply to Need suggestions for IM

They're all trash, but at least ICQ does some useful things, too. In fact, I have the impression that before the days of AIM, YIM, MSN IM or whatever they call their crap, ICQ was pretty useful for things other than stealing.


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I was

by Jaqui In reply to Need suggestions for IM

going to suggest kopete.

but it's a kde app, completely integrates into KDE.

use irc, th original im, or icq, the second oldest.

problem is, what im does the gf have? that's the one he'll actually have to use.
kopete runs ALL im protocols, but in the wonderful world of windows, that is just..wrong.

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Kopete or gaim

by AlanGeek In reply to I was

I've used both kopete and gaim, and either works just fine, can handle AIM, Yahoo, and ICQ simultaneously. Gaim has a Windoze client as well, not sure about kopete. I believe either should be less vulnerable than any of the native clients, but that's speculation on my part.

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by gadgetgirl In reply to Need suggestions for IM

what about VOIP telephony instead?

I've just got onto this (last night, in fact!) and have downloaded Skype and tested it extremely successfully.

Trade price for phone and software was around ?23 here, and phone has good clarity (tested on both ears, cos I'm a bit deaf on the left!) Also a ?10 el cheapo web cam worked remarkably well on Skype, too.

(Got to see mates new long haired dachsund .....hmm!)

Had it set up on the laptop, on wireless, using 11Mb card, and it worked fine....

Hope this helps, OG!


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GG, good ideas

by Old Guy In reply to Alternative

Actually, we have unlimited, no long distance after 7 p.m. on our cell phones, actually we did away with our land line about a year ago, so after 7 they talk for a couple of hours on the phone. I think, like a lot of teens, they also want to have the IM while they talk and able to include some of their other friends at the same time.

The web cam would be great but the girl friend only has dial up. Actually, come to think of it they wouldn't be able to talk on the phone and IM at the same time. Hmmm, maybe I need more information from them.

Strange you mentioned your mates' dachshund. Our doxie got out of the fence Tuesday and we found out yesterday that she was hit by a car either Tuesday or Wednesday and killed instantly. We've had her for about 10 years. I had to call my daughter at university last night to tell her and it really broke her up. It's amazing how attached you can be to dogs. Of course, she didn't realize she was a dog. I think it was worst on me to have to tell my daughter without being with her.

Sorry, guys, shouldn't have gone on about that but...

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I use Miranda

by faradhi In reply to Need suggestions for IM

It seems to have a clean interface. It will use most if not all protocols. I just starting using it though. I wouldn't swear by it.

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miranda web site

by faradhi In reply to I use Miranda
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Thanks for your suggestions

by Old Guy In reply to Need suggestions for IM

I appreciate your input. Now I'll see if I can keep putting it off a little bit longer.

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