Need to retrieve deleted messages from Outlook 2000

By PCMedic-us ·
I need to retrieve deleted emails form Outlook 2000 from an employee for HR reasons. Is there any method to retrieve permanently deleted messages from Outlook 2000?

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Did you ...

by NaughtyMonkey In reply to Need to retrieve deleted ...

look in the deleted items folder or did you mean they were deleted from the deleted items folder already. If that is the case do you have a backup from before they were deleted?

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No backup...

by PCMedic-us In reply to Did you ...

These messages were deleted form the deleted items folder and there is no backup to look at. The emails would have been sent today though.

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Sounds like no hope...

by NaughtyMonkey In reply to No backup...

unless you have someithing implemented that you are not talking about. We archive every email in and out of our system but thins like that must be setup up manually. If you are using Exchange out of the box with Outlook I don't think messages are stored anywhere. If you delete it from deleted items, it is gone.

I may be wrong and maybe someone will step in and point it out. I don't use Exchange or Outlook much. It has been a few years since I maintained a Microsoft email system.

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by PCMedic-us In reply to Sounds like no hope...

I'm new here and the company doesn't use Exchange nor do they back up anything. In the process of upgrading the system but till then, oh well. I didn't think there was anything I could do but I was hoping.

Thanks for the response.

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a place to start

by netwrk_admn In reply to Need to retrieve deleted ...

I manage an Exchange network, so it may not be possible. But our Exchange server's policy keeps deleted messages for 20 days, even if 'permanently deleted' through the client. We also have journaling for every single email, but that's beside the point. Nice thing to mention to HR for litigation tho.

You can click on your deleted items folder and go to tools -> Recover deleted items. This should show you everything you have recently permanently deleted. Again, don't know for sure but it works for my environment.

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recommend a useful tool

by zxr In reply to Need to retrieve deleted ...


Advanced Outlook Repair can help to undelete the emails you delete by mistake. Refer to for more detailed information.

And visiting can get detailed information about Advanced Outlook Repair.

And you can also download a free demo version at


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MFCMapi or Dumpster could help

by psraam In reply to recommend a useful tool

(MFCMapi helped me in most cases)

Below is the action plan that we can follow to recover the lost emails using dumpster.

1) Extract all the exmerge files in C:\Program files\exchsrvr\bin folder
2) Make sure you have exmerge.exe and exmerge.ini file in the C:\Program files\exchsrvr\bin folder.
3) Open exmerge.ini file in notepad
4) Change the value of Copydeleteditemsfromdumpster to 1, it will 0 by default

5) Then save the file.
6) We also need to check whether you have correct permissions on the mailbox store for running exmerge.
7) Use the administrator account to log on to the exchange server
We need to Give Send as and receive as permissions to the following users and groups
Administrator, Enterprise Admins, Domain Admins and Exchange Domain Servers (By default some groups will not have these permissions)
To set the permissions correctly we need follow the following steps.
A) Go to the exchange system manager-> First Administrative group->First Storage Group->Mailbox store
B) Right click on the Mailbox store and select properties
C) Go to the Security Tab.
D) Click on the Advance button on the bottom right corner. This will bring up Advance Security Setting for the mailbox store.

E) Then uncheck the checkbox (Allow inheritable permissions from the parent to propagate to this object and all child objects. This will give you a popup you need to select Copy, Please don?t select remove.

F) The Click on Apply and then click ok
G) This will again take you Mailbox store properties.
H) Click on administrator account and then in the Permissions section below give Send as and receive as rights.

I) Similarly give Domain Admins, Enterprise Admins, Exchange Domain Servers (Send as and receive as rights)
J) Finally select Apply and then select ok.

9) Dismount the mailbox store once and remount it again. (Right click mailbox store Dismount store, Right Click mailbox store and select mount store)
10) Run Exmerge.exe file from \program files\Exchsrvr\bin folder.
11) Select Next on the First Screen.
12) Then Select Extract and Import (Two Step Procedure)
13) Then Select Step 1 (This will help us to extract The deleted emails from the mailbox store)
14) Type the Exchange server in the first text box, Then select options
15) On the data Tab Make sure that the following two checkboxes are selected (User messages and folders and Items from Dumpster) see picture below.

16) Select OK here.
17) Then Click Next
1 Select the checkbox for First Administrative Group/Mailbox store. Then select Next
19) The next Screen will bring the mailbox that you want to recover.
20) Select the mailbox from which you want to recovery the deleted emails.
21) Then select Next and you will get a screen where you would want to save the .pst files, you can create a folder on the desktop and point exmerge to save the .pst over there.
22) Select Next and it will extract emails into username.pst file in that folder

Restoring Deleted Items/Sub Folders using MFCMapi

Download MFCMapi from

1. Run MFCMapi.exe, close the Welcome window
2. Click on the ?Session? menu and click on ?Logon and Display Store tables?. You?ll see that it uses Outlook to connect to the stores, select your Outlook profile and click on OK

3. Click on the MDB menu and select ?Open Default Message Store? (to restore deleted public folder select ?Open Public Folder Store?), then check ?Use Admin Privileges?

4. Expand the ?Top of Information Store?, navigate the folder that you are trying to restore, you can also view the count of deleted folder

5. Right click the ?parent folder? and select ?Open Deleted Subfolder Table? (the same option available under ?Actions? menu.

6. A new window will open displaying the deleted subfolders. Right click on the folder and select ?Restore Deleted Folder?. A box will open up that allows you to select to also restore the subfolders, tick that option and click on OK.

Now you can view the recovered folder in ?Outlook?

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