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.NET- what language for development?

By moore-margaret ·
We are about to begin developing in the .NET environment. There is debate in our company about which language would be the best - C#, VB, J#...
Any suggestions? Caveats? Resources?

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What is the debate?

by onbliss In reply to .NET- what language for d ...

Can you throw more light on what is the debate about?
Finally, they all compile to a intermediate code that the CLR can understand.

One feature in C# that I would have loved to have in is the tooltip description for the class methods and its parameters. There is no direct way to do this in, there are few workarounds on the Internet.

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by moore-margaret In reply to What is the debate?

The main problem we have is that no one on our staff knows enough about .NET to make a recommendation. We'd like everyone to use the same language; many know VB and VBScript but we don't know if that will give them a leg up in VB.NET. Management is reluctant to have staff learn a new language if there is no major reason to use C#.

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In that case Vb.Net is fine...

by onbliss In reply to Considerations

Knowing VB definitely helps you in learning VB.Net. But VB.Net is totally different animal. It uses several VB features and drops several.

C# program structure would often remind of Java or C. So people coming from these languages would find some familiarity.

.Net is an ocean. There would be some amount of unlearning too. Be prepared. As I said in my previous posting all .Net languages (, c#, J#...) need to compile to a code that is understood by CLR. So the choice of language becomes more of preference issue. I have not code in C#. Maybe it has certain things that are more convenient than VB.Net.

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