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    Network, email, internet……


    by sprinkl3s ·

    with us recently deciding to start doing our email in house here with exchange, we have been pressed with assuring compliance to HIPAA and Company regulations. so at the same time we’re going to start looking at internet and network monitoring… with so many programs out there to do this i wanted to see what everyone else is using, and what they think of it. as well as a little bit about what made you choose this platform.

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      Software that complies…..

      by mroonie ·

      In reply to Network, email, internet……

      I am not too sure as to which platforms you could use to ensure compliance but I recently ran across an email anti-theft software that actually complies with HIPAA and other company regulations:

      It might help you to be more flexible in your platform/networking options…

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      we jsut implemented

      by tryskadec ·

      In reply to Network, email, internet……

      Surf Control – if that helps. It’s got some nice reporting features.

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        was looking that

        by sprinkl3s ·

        In reply to we jsut implemented

        we was looking the surf control enterprise suite, but the price tag??? a little high in my opinion.

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          Yeah it is a bit high…

          by tryskadec ·

          In reply to was looking that

          we just got the enterprise console and web filters. We didn’t really need the other stuff. As far as network monitoring i belive we are using a combination of stuff – sniffer, ethereal and whatever comes with the router.

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          we need it all

          by sprinkl3s ·

          In reply to Yeah it is a bit high…

          we need the whole kit n kaboodle, currently no monitoring and blocking is in place. and i would like to have something standard across the board… although the features in the surfcontrol application are nice reporting and all of that.

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          Recomend SurfControl

          by dmarston ·

          In reply to we need it all

          We have used it for some time now, works Great and I recommend it?
          One HUGE side note; We ran into an issue with our switches; Make sure your switch has bi-directional monitoring support (95% of “smaller” switches don’t) We had to upgrade from an HP ProCurve 4100 series to a 5000 series for the switch based monitoring to work. The other method suggested by the company is to use a hub (not switch) between the switch and firewall, which is a HUGE bottleneck (especially if you have anything close to T1 size connection). Also note, depending on your network topology, you will have to a monitor for each connection to the outside world. We have 2 connections, which means 2 monitoring servers running, one on each switch.


          As long as you have (or can put into place) the infrastructure, SurfControl is an excellent solution.

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          we have

          by sprinkl3s ·

          In reply to Recomend SurfControl

          multiple t1’s and utilize about 70 percent of that. we use cisco switches and have a cisco pix.

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      E-Mail/HIPPA Complicance

      by john.sarich ·

      In reply to Network, email, internet……

      If you are looking at e-mail from an archiving perspective and from the perspective of managing records you should look to FileNet. FileNet has the best e-mail managemnt software in the market. It is compliant with HIPAA, DoD, and others. If HIPAA compliance is a larger issue, then you should talk to a consulting commpany that works with hospitals and insurance companies.

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      E-mail monitoring,etc..

      by jasonemmg ·

      In reply to Network, email, internet……

      Does anyone know about the reputation of programs such as GFiMail Essentials, Monitoring and their other programs?

      Where can I find good instructions on how to set up e-mail monitoring using Exchange Server 2003?


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