Network icon and status problems in XP

By 4r ·
Hi, hope someone can shed some light on this.

Problem outline:
No network icon in systray, whilst other icons present.
In 'network connections' folder icon shows as LAN connection; repair and properties actionable in context menu, but status dialogue will not show. Can retrieve IP address details through cmd.
Repairing connection halts at clearing DNS cache.
Nic is functioning ok.

XP pro sp2

My Status: %{ (perplexed and saddened)

Your help is appreciated,
Thank you

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Can you Clear what you mean

by bogsibogs_102002 In reply to Network icon and status p ...

Correct me if Im wrong you need Lan Icon in systray? if so just right click Lan Card from Network Folder then Properties check "show Icon in notification area when connected" then the rest I did not understand well but I guess you need to uninstalled and installed again your LAN card to reset it to its default. Hope it can help.

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by shady108 In reply to Can you Clear what you me ...

if your still having problems go into device manager and remove the network card. Reboot your pc and teh network card will install itself again. See how that goes? Also do you have a device that gives out IP addresses? (DHCP Server) if not you will need to right click on the lan connection and set a static ip and dns.

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things done but no better

by 4r In reply to :)

Thanks for your quick responses.
I should have said what i've done to strat with - my apologies.

I have done all the first line things like adjusting properties in network dialogue etc and a lot of the second two including:
Clearing of systray cache(?) (at least it was something like that, where all incidences of icons in 'notification area' are recorded in registry file)
disabled and re-enabled services including UPnP, net bios services, LAN notification etc etc..
uninstalled and reinstalled nic a few times.

I am connected to a router with DHCP enabled too.
The really weird thing about this is that: whilst I can access the properties dialogue and adjust settings, services and protocols, I can't get any response from the 'status' option. But I can run ip config in my cmd line and get my ip address etc.. no problem. and although My network icon doesn't show in the systray i've others that do.

I have spent around a month intermittently trying to solve this, bewildered is a massive understatement!

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by shady108 In reply to things done but no better

reinstall windows :) that will fix it :) you probably have some corrupt files there somewhere, a windows repair might help

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hoping to avoid that

by 4r In reply to :)

Hi, Thanks for getting back, you think that is the only way? - I suppose you're right - But I really want to avoid that, I believe there is some way to reinstall the reg files and sys32 bit by bit with out losing any thing else, is there any instruction on this?

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i know :)

by shady108 In reply to :)

but sometimes with microsoft software thats the only way to fix these problems !! :)

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on last thing

by shady108 In reply to Network icon and status p ...

you are logged in on an Admin account and not a limited account right?

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Sounds strange, if you opn Network connections and

by ComputerCookie In reply to Network icon and status p ...

click on the dievice, it should show you the address in the details section on the left hand side.

If it doesn't show and you say the device is OK as you claim then it is an OS issue.

Why is it that you wish to view status anyway?

What is the problem you're trying to solve?

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by 4r In reply to Sounds strange, if you op ...

yes (Shady i have full rights).

Thanks, It does show actually, but not connection time etc.. I can get these things through cmd line but my issue was the lack of action when clicking trying to view status. Why do I want to see the status? well, My concern was that this was a portent of something more serious, a reg file corruption that will lead to instability imminently, a security issue perhaps. So I suppose the problem is curiosity, possibly anxiety! oh, and lack of knowledge!
I guess I'll have to call off the search on this and reformat. (let me know if i can avoid this)
Cheers to you all,

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windows repair

by shady108 In reply to reason

you can just run a windows repair from the XP CD, saves you doing afull format, but you will need to reinstall your drivers and software such as office etc but will keep all your documents and stuff safe...

if you boot from XP CD, (ignore the first option 'r' which says repair, this just drops to a command console) select install windows , it will search for previous installations, from there it will allow you to repair your current installation, hope this helps :)

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