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how can i connect a new pc to my local network that user a domain and a password at my office

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*Scratches Head*

by dhuffine In reply to networking

You might have to clearify that question a bit, i'm having a hard time understand exactly what your asking.

You want to connect a new pc, to your local network,

that part I get..

that Users a domain and a password at my office?

Do you mean, that uses a domain and password ?

If your office is running on a domain, you will need to know the administrator's login and password for adding computers to the domain, "some business have this has a different user than just administrator and some don't" but this is something you will need that information for.

if you have that login information then login into the computer under the local administration account, right click on "My computer" (assumign your using windows), go to properties, go to Computer Name, near the bottom you'll see a button that says CHANGE, click that, and where it says Domain, check that and type in your Domain name. You will then be prompted for the User name and Password that has the access to do this.


You will need to make sure you have a patch cable plugged into the network port on the PC, you will also need to make sure that it is connected physicaly to the network. you will also need the know the IP scheme (or if its on DHCP) of the network in order to communicate with the Domain controller.

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