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New Bill To Make By-Passing Ads on DVDs Illegal

By TomSal ·
I first read this on Anandtech today, some of you might find this interesting...I think its BS...if this Bill passes, it would mean that its illegal for someone to sklp pass any advertisment or trailer on a DVD you bought to view in your own home. It would also mean it would be illegal for a movie theater to NOT show advertisements or movie previews.

Here's the link to the original story, or check out

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You're right, it IS B.S.

by Aldanatech In reply to New Bill To Make By-Passi ...

Well, now they're being ridiculous. What's next, make it illegal to fast forward the commercials of the shows you tape on a VCR?

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great I feel safer now!!!!!

by jkaras In reply to New Bill To Make By-Passi ...

Just what I wanted!!! I take it the prices will soar at the extra footage, sigh...greed you gotta love it.

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Some People

by Don_C In reply to New Bill To Make By-Passi ...

Just have to much time on there hands. They haven't a clue that people will not buy a DVD with one hour of ADS and one hour of movie. Cause if this silly bill passes. Then they will add more an more ADS

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Who will come after me? The Pillow Police?

by mlandis In reply to New Bill To Make By-Passi ...

You know, the ones that come after you when you rip off the darned tag on the pillow?

The advertising industry is in an upheaval, no doubt, and does bear watching, especially if you have young impressionable kids in your life. Seeding in chat rooms, product placement in shows, grant monies always exact some price - such as in-school advertising and other types of indirect advertising surround us. Ad agencies even have psychologists on staff to help them design effective campaigns. Sit with your kids and discuss the TV advertisements with them, and explain a little bit of how the ad system works.

This a link to a blog discussing TiVo banner ads during FF:


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by house In reply to New Bill To Make By-Passi ...

Who actually follows these rules anyways?

I remember talking to my buddy at the corner store about which dvds we were going to rent and rip. Some guy actually turned around with wide eyes and said "That's illegal". We took him outside and copied his face on the wall. Just kidding. I did want to slap him though. We just sort of stared at him for two seconds and kept talking.

As far as ads go, I actually check out the trailers myself. ****, I even view them on the net. Check out the Grudge flash site...its scary as ****.

If Paramount or whowever actually wanted to mess with us, they could make the ads part of chapter 1, so who cares about the trailers. This is a dumb law written by people who need to justify their jobs.

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