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    New Discussion Door coming


    by smorty71 ·

    Our next feature rollout is going to be a new Discussions front door.

    The focus of the new door is to surface more threads higher up on the page. So you will see the Hot, New, Posts from my Contacts and a new set of Feature threads much higher on the screen.

    This should roll out some time Monday afternoon. We will also be rolling out a similar redesign of the Technical Q&A door in the next few weeks.

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      by smorty71 ·

      In reply to New Discussion Door coming

      Sorry. Forgot to post a mock-up:

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        Looks really good sMoRTy71

        by hal 9000 ·

        In reply to Mock-up

        It should be a vast improvement even if it does have the avatars of people like OZ & Jaqui on it. 🙂

        The T Q & A will be a big improvement when it rolls out and should make life a lot easier. While we are on the subject of the T Q & A is it possible to make the responses for the questions bigger? 2000 Characters just isn’t big enough for answering some questions.

        Col ]:)

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        Looks Good

        by bfilmfan ·

        In reply to Mock-up

        Does that have the new “Spank the Spammer’s Booty” feature installed?

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          No but it electrifies your mouse

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Looks Good

          So when it is up and running TR will be able to administer “Aversion Therapy” to anyone that they consider is abusing the system by putting 400,000 volts through the mouse and then their body into the floor. 😉

          It will of course apply to all of the top 100 as well with the higher up you get the more Aversion Therapy is administered. Of course the guy at the top will be under constant treatment and it will work even when he isn’t on TR but give him in this particular case a short high voltage shock just to make him look funny as his hair stands on end and then falls out. Of course because he is using a MS product it will malfunction and be on all the time. 😀

          Of course it will not work with me because I have some very thick rubber gloves on from now on and I always wear insulated shoes. 🙂

          Col ]:)

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          by bfilmfan ·

          In reply to No but it electrifies your mouse

          Oh man this has been one long week and that made me spurt out doppio con panna on my monitor!

          Bravo sir!

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          NO problem

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to No but it electrifies your mouse

          I am in a rubber room. Safe and sound, even from myself. :p

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          Well in that case TR

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to NO problem

          Will be sending someone out to fit you with special hardware. Every time you touch the mouse it will be like pissing on an electric fence. 🙂

          I’m way too far away to even be the slightest bit worried. :p

          Col ]:)

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          Actually that’s a myth

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Well in that case TR

          It has been proven impossible to be electrified by aan electrified cattle fence.

          But that aside, sure send em at me, I would be surprised if most peers here could find Canada anyway.

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          As to the so called myth

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Actually that’s a myth

          I’ll get my son to confirm that one. He was having a leak on a property with one of those fences which comes on at random intervals and it brought tears to his eyes just remembering it even now about 15 years latter. 😀

          I on the other hand thought it was funny as I had told him not to do that and as usual was completely ignored.

          Col ]:)

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          Saw it on Myth Busters

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Actually that’s a myth

          There’s a local show with two engineers who bust common myths, they tried doezens of possible scenarios invluding setting voltage to extremely high levels, far higher than ever used in a cattle fence and they simply couldn’t get any electric shock by peeing on a test fence.

          Perhaps a little ‘un would be more sensitive to slight shock but I know I’ve done it as a kid out of curiosity and had no shocking reality come to me.

          So as far as I and some very high voltage tests are concerned it just doesn’t happen. They say that it is apparently due to a chemical in pee that actually doesn’t conduct enough electricity to shock you, that and the fact that unless you physically touch/lean against the fence you are naturally grounded from small shock, means it would take on every odd situation to get a shock.

          NOTE: They also tested peeing on the third rail of a railroad track (the electric rail) and nothing from that either.

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          OZ he is happy to relate what happened to him

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Actually that’s a myth

          I asked him yesterday when he conned me over there to allegedly have a look at his car which had been hit by an out of control forklift one of the big uns which carries fully loaded Sea Containers around.

          Anyway he is more than happy to relate the story about what happened to him as a kid of about 10 -12 years of age. But he may have been touching the top wire to keep his balance on the uneven wet ground as it had been raining just previously and he was bare footed.

          He claimed that the car was bouncing all over the place at 80 KPH {50 MPH} to those mot meterified yet and I had to have a look to see what had happened. Well as I had only replaced most of the rear suspension within the last month or so I was more than a bit peeved off about the whole thing. But everything looks OK underneath the thing except for the left hand sway bar mount which is now in a different position by the rubbers which now has some of the clean rubber showing and the dirty stuff now in contact with the mount.

          While I’m not sure I think that there is a crease in the floor pan on the Right Hand Side but without the proper equipment I can not tell so a rear wheel alignment will be on the books just to make sure that there is nothing pointing the wrong way. But judging by the tire wear it is way out of alignment and since it is all trailing arm and spring over shock absorber with Wat’s link to keep everything in place I’m inclined to believe that it has suffered quite a bit of damage, but of course it drove perfectly for me. 😉

          Anyway about the electric fence he claimed that he didn’t feel it on the outside but inside all around his bladder and even when I mentioned it to him he just had to grab his groin to make sure he was safe. 🙂

          But on the good side it did have some positive effects he now listens to what I tell him not to do even though he ignores my advice when I’m not around but he at least expects some problems then if he gets caught out.

          That property was toward the end of the “Trip From Hell” as I had to rebuild a motor on the side of the road after a piston broke up on the way. 2 cars 2 adults 2 kids and 3 Great Danes one a puppy with a rubbish bin half full of water and caring the Goldfish was not a pretty sight particularly since as normal it broke in the middle of the night way out nowhere. At least the dogs kept unwanted strangers away. Another valuable lesson if you want something done do it yourself but that was the only rebuilt motor that I had ever farmed out to someone else as I just lacked the time to rebuild it. After that trip I always made the time. But within 5 minutes of arriving at the place the daughter went to look at the horses and jumped on the back of a race horse as it walked past her on a high bank. Well of course she fell off it and hit the ground badly broke both her arms, one leg and several ribs. We heard her crying outside just as we where about to sit down for a well deserved drink. I never did get that drink either. A quick trip to the nearest doctor resulted in being told that I had to take her to the Hospital her left arm was obviously broken at the wrist at the very least as her hand was at a funny angle to the arm. Well I took her to the hospital and was greeted by the Nurses who rushed her into a treatment room and there was I covered in SH1T and GOD only knows what else as I’d not even had a chance to wash my hands. Of course the hand cleaner was buried under a heap of gear in the boot of one of the cars so I didn’t even bother once I had the motor up and running again. Then the inevitable questions where asked like “What Happened” I shrug my shoulders and say I don’t know I wasn’t there. Then the local police become involved but only after I insist that both her arms, legs and upper body are X-Rayed and a CAT scan done on her head. That was a waste of time as she had concrete in her head so it wasn’t damaged in any way. 😀 Then I get hit with “What have you done to your daughter?” Well me being the happy little chap that I was at the time and overtired to hell I just said nothing yet but after they fix her up I’m going to kill her for doing exactly what she was told never to do! That seemed to satisfy them quite a lot and they left but only after asking me to move the car from outside the emergence entrance. When I got back to the property without the kid as she was staying in hospital and I did get to sought of clean my hands/arms up a bit but what they had in the hospital was never designed to remove grease and oil so I was only half way clean and still in dirty clothes I got to see my darling sweet son perform that trick which just brought me down to the ground laughing so hard that it hurt. 🙁

          Well enough of the smalltalk now all I have to do is get an ADSL router to be seen by the owners computer as it just doesn’t want to play nice at all and even open up the setup screen through the HTTP address. I just love “This Page isn’t available try the refresh button.

          It worked when I was at his place a few hours ago well at least I could get it to that stage but now it will not even see the router but works quite happily with the modem that he got with the connection maybe if I try the USB connection it might work. 😀

          Col ]:)

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        Looks nice

        by thechas ·

        In reply to Mock-up


        Am I reading the mock up correctly?

        Near the upper right is MyTR.

        Are these links planned to be My Discussions, My questions and My contacts?

        I don’t have an issue with the new wording, just wanted to make sure I understood things correctly.


        • #3325686

          Good eye, but no changes

          by smorty71 ·

          In reply to Looks nice

          That part of the mock-up isn’t actually being implemented. I was just trying to see if we could conserve some space by removing the “My” text from those links. I didn’t catch that before sending out the mock-up.

          I think we’ll leave those links alone until we run out of space up there.


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        I like it

        by oz_media ·

        In reply to Mock-up

        The only thing I see that I would question is the heading beside Discussions: Get advice from your peers.

        Will this not just increase the amount of peer mail I get from people I’ve never heard of who want to ask me technical questions? Would they not see that as an opportunity to “Ask advice” on the peer level as opposed to Tech Q&A or is that also being worked on.

        I know you said you guys have the community listings as a priority right now and can’t get the go ahead to fix Tech Q&A yet, but won’t this just make things far worse until Tech Q&A is fixed or some form of a proper description is added?

        I guess we’ll have to find out, but I would like to see some descriptive entry page, even like you mentioned before where having a single POST page with the two forums available and described from the one entry page.
        This looks nice but I think the header copy will see it used as a way to just send peers your questions.

        • #3322357

          Heading is gone

          by smorty71 ·

          In reply to I like it

          The heading will not be present in this first revision. We will probably wait until we have the Technical Q&A page done.

          The idea was to differentiate between Discussions and Q&A. We were using “advice” as a way to imply more opinion-based discussions. The Q&A page heading was going to be “Answers to your technical questions” or something similar.

          Maybe we need to rethink our approach a bit.


        • #3322324

          Not to be a squeaky wheel

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Heading is gone

          I didn’t mean to really sound ranty about it but I cringed when I thought of what it MAY result in.

          How about something like “Talk about it” or “Share your thoughts” (With ‘it ‘not ‘IT’ because otherwise people will start complaining about off topic posts again :p ) Seems you just can’t win!

      • #3322460

        Looks really good

        by house ·

        In reply to Mock-up

        I love it. It’s still very professional in layout.

        However, I notice that the whitepapers are not shown in this window anymore. How do your sponsors feel about this? It is my assumption that the whitepaper section is directly related to the funding of the site; most of them hold valuable information, but they are also solutions loosly based on advertised product lines.

        • #3322358

          They’re still there

          by smorty71 ·

          In reply to Looks really good

          The whitepaper links are still there. They are just under the discussion topics near the bottom of the page.


        • #3322289


          by house ·

          In reply to They’re still there

          I see that now – I must have been pretty tired. Either that, or I didn’t bother scrolling down that far. 😐

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