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new features, new abuse

By shiny_topadm ·
What is it about human nature that I don't get? Well, how about, a bunch of new things are added to a site (like blogs, etc.), things seem to be cooking along smoothly, and then we get commercial messages and "help me!" requests that should go under the 'tech q&a" heading. Maybe I'm just too polite (or old), but I would never have even thought of using a blog entry for this stuff! I understand aggressive self-promotion is part of some people's makeup (and it's not part of mine), but it certainly takes away from the entertainment/education aspect of parts of various websites (including this one). What do you think, is this just another new little annoyance?

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You're not so off the mark...

by Zen37 In reply to new features, new abuse

There are alot of abuse of the chat/discussion portion of this site. Technical questions should not be asked here. I wish TR would scan the posts on a regular basis and tell the "offender" to go to the Q&A section.

Another thing we should do to prevent this is simply not answer the questions asked in the Discussion section. Simply tell the individual that he or she is in the wrong place for what he or she want the they need to go to the right section. If we keep answering questions here, they will keep coming here.

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i agree

by Shellbot In reply to You're not so off the mar ...

i reckon if they can't figure out that Tech Q & A stands for technical questions and answers, that maybe they might need to learn a wee bit more about the meaning of "Tech" before anyone gives them an i right ?

oh yes..i'm a woman, of course i am right

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Questions wasn't his big problem

by jdclyde In reply to You're not so off the mar ...

it is spammers.

They show up as discussions every now and then, but get quickly berated by the regulars.

I have even gotten some of them in the peer mail as have a few others here.

As for the tech questions, yes to politely inform the new user the proper place for them to look for their answer is the way to handle them.

As for the spammers, there is a ring in **** reservered for them.

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We're working on Tech Q&A

by sMoRTy71 In reply to You're not so off the mar ...

We are currently working out how to improve Tech Q&A. One of the reasons we think people use Discussions instead of TQ&A is that they don't understand the difference.

Part of what we are trying to do with the revamp of TQ&A is make the differences between the features (and the unique value of each) more apparent.


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by Shellbot In reply to We're working on Tech Q&A

i dunno mate..if yer in the "IT field" and you don't know what tech q&a is..well..not trying to sound superior or anything, i just think if they thought about it for a second they might realise. i think the problem is that they see a lot of activity in the discussions , so they figure they reach a bigger audiance by posting q&a there. its a case of being to eager to get the answer without doing a bit og leg work first.
but thats just my thoughts on a thursday morning :)

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