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New Innovative product...

By Jaqui ·
with pros and cons.
very socially sensative.

an anti erection product.**45415/

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Good idea

by stress junkie In reply to New Innovative product...

I suppose the toothy looking things are probably latex sheaths for some steel barbed harpoons. It isn't clear from the photo but I imagine that is probably how it works. Anyway it could provide some sense of safety to women. I wonder if it has any potential for use in men's prisons.

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by Choppit In reply to New Innovative product...

Once mainstream, it'll only be a short time before women start to use it for revenge against unfaithful partners.

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While initially satisfying

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to New Innovative product...

not a long term fix for the problems in SA or anywhere else. Stopping the she was dressed sexily argument for the defense would be more useful.
You can see it being used as the plotline in the next batch of femdom videos though.

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by Jaqui In reply to While initially satisfyin ...

with "surgical removal of device" required, that may not happen.
guaranteed to leave scarring.

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Dont want to

by Neil Higgins In reply to ouch

go too political,but in my view,rapists should go to prison for ever,no reprieve.Oh,and that's after they,ve been castrated with a hot soldering iron.My wife,and two sisters have a pepper-spray in their possession.God forbid,none of them have had to use it.All have been trained in basic defence,but when your dealing with a sex-criminal,anything that "works" is a valuable protection.

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yeah, but

by Jaqui In reply to Dont want to

Tony's comment was about femdom prono film. where using this is part of the sexual encounter.
I was replying to that when I made the comment about it not being used.

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