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New job and it's the best job

By zlitocook ·
That I have seen anywhere, I the system analyst one. A position that lets me be the only person that controls all things IT. And I get a great paycheck! A new division for health care is being created because of the folks getting older and needing special health care and support. My boss the only one I report to is three states away and I have full control of the IDF closets and the desktop patching.
I have yet to get into the data center where the four blade servers that are under my control. I am the main contact for help desk tickets and all other problems. We have conference calls twice a month and have a help desk software to track calls.
Now the problems, I have been here two weeks and just received a computer so I can now get email! But I have no phone or a way to get phone messages.
I have been on hand to support the nurses and the little problem they have had.
I have used Visio to document and show what is being done in the office.
But I am bored to death I am used to doing five things at one time! I like to do five or six things at one time. The company will not let me use any training resources that I have or use any Microsoft virtual training.

How do you keep your self-busy at slow times?
With out by passing the firewall?
I have a consultant for four years and have enjoyed free access to the Internet to fix and learn but now I need to ask for and supply a reason for access?
Ok I have free access to a limited network and I have a few people under me, I have domain admin rights and a few other rights. But the new network is runnig great! What do I do next? I am the person every one looks to and I love it. Whats next?

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Start a PM program

by mjd420nova In reply to New job and it's the best ...

If spare time is haunting you, start a weekly
preventative maintenence plan, it could save
some head aches when you don't need it. Just
about the time you have a project that the boss wants done yesterday is when a server will fail
or a switch will dump everybody. Even just doing
a quick scan of operations and cleaning a few
filters will help keep you abreast of any
problems that might happen and you'll be able
to anticipate failures with a flair

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A department of 1

by DMambo In reply to New job and it's the best ...

It's pretty sweet, isn't it?

I'm in a similar situation. I'm the only IT on-site, and my boss is across the country.

I have about 70 users, so there's not too much down time, but for slow time between projects, I try to fill it with training. Both for myself and for users.

I don't mean to get in trouble here, but I've been married to a nurse for close to 20 years, and I'd have to say that for a group of highly-trained professionals, their computer skills are generally lacking.

If you have the time, shadow a user or two to see their computer routine, then try to build a training program or upgrade plan around their needs. Also, comb the budgets looking for cost savings. A pair of fresh eyes on the books can usually spot something that others have missed, and it's a good way to be an instant hero.

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