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    New platform for TechRepublic Downloads


    by peter spande ·

    TechRepublic members:

    Late last week we installed a new platform for our original downloads and book chapters. We’re planning some new features and functionality for this platform (shared by our white paper library) in the near future and this move is a necessary step towards those improvements. However, we realize that there can be issues associated with these switches. If you’ve downloaded anything recently, did you experience any issues? If you’ve been a regular downloader of our content do you see any issues with the new user experience? We’d like any feedback you might have to offer.

    Coming very soon…. A software library complete with 1000s free software downloads for work and play.

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      by s.mcgahan ·

      In reply to New platform for TechRepublic Downloads

      I haven’t seen anything unusual to report to be honest.

      I look forward to the software library as I know others will, for sure.

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      Man, this is evidence…

      by stephen howard-sarin ·

      In reply to New platform for TechRepublic Downloads

      …if we needed any, that TR members care about the content a LOT more than about the presentation.

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      No downloads recently

      by rob mekel ·

      In reply to New platform for TechRepublic Downloads

      But will go for one or two that failed previously.
      Will let you know what the outcome is.

      Looking forward to see the library and … work with it. Even tho it might be just for fun 😀 😉

      Keep on the good work people. 🙂

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